Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to Happy Feet Two.  I was worried about the girls because it was during their nap but they loved the music and danced to a lot of it and both fell asleep towards the end. The boys loved the endless popcorn and landon even fell asleep too!  We love to go to the movies around Christmas time.
 After the movies we went to my grandmas house for dinner and it was yummy! 
 After dinner we did the nativity.  Jaden was so amazingly good!  Usually he's a little loud and I've never seen such an angel...although he did not play an angel but a Shepard:)
 Then we watched a movie about our savior.  Again, Jaden watched so intently and didn't make a peep.  Landon...he was a little hyper!
After the movie we went and opened Christmas PJs from grandma and grandpa.  The boys are always excited to see what pj's they'll get...I loved this tradition growing up.  After that my grandma gave the boys  cars 2 and I've NEVER seen them so excited!  It was the funniest thing ever....apparently we didn't need to spend a bunch of money on gifts...we just needed to buy them a movie.  They both started jumping up and down and ran and gave my grandma a hug.  Landon had to show everyone there his movie.  It was so cute!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Grandma Murphy

Grandma Murphy couldn't be here with us for Christmas and I know she would have loved to.

So we broke a couple of rules today. About a week ago grandma sent some money for us to find toys for the kids for Christmas from her.  I turned to my favorite store Amazon and a few days later their gifts arrived.

Since Christmas eve and Christmas day can be a little crazy we wanted to make sure the boys had a separate time to open the presents from her so they didn't get lost in all the shuffle.

We sat them down today and asked them if they wanted to open them up today.  We were a little surprised when Jaden informed us that we were breaking the rules and that they can't open them until Christmas.  We told him that since they were from Grandma Murphy he could but we weren't going to make was his choice.

He finally decided it was OK BUT we couldn't tell grandma that they opened them and we couldn't tell her thank you for them until Christmas so she wouldn't know.  HONEST????  I'm not quite sure but once he came up with this plan he was excited to open them.

We didn't have the girls open their since they aren't getting much for Christmas anyways:)

So here's my side-ways videos from my phone....I didn't realize I needed to turn my phone a certain direction.  Both boys are a little camera shy but they've been playing with their presents for over an hour. 

Here's Landon opening his play dough potato head.  At speech Mr potato head has been a favorite and it's been a great learning tool for him to learn the body parts and their functions...nose is for smelling, ect.  As I played this with Landon I realized this one also allows us to review his colors as I ask him what color he wants to make the hair, nose, ect. 
Jaden got a Cars 2, 3d art thingy.  We've had to look up a couple of numbers off the cars 2 characters so he could make sure he puts the right number with the character.
Then they got a present to share...a game.  They love playing games together and this one is simple enough for both of them to enjoy together. 
As I uploaded these videos Jaden came proudly to show me his potato head, all the body parts are play dough...apparently the gifts are interchangeable.

Merry Christmas Grandma Murphy and we hope you have a wonderful day!  The boys will call you on Christmas and pretend they had just opened your presents:)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Some other randomness

As I clean off pictures off my phone I have a few to post ..

This is my adventure of taking 6 kids, 6 and under to Walmart for a couple of items I needed for our ward party.  As bribery we started at the candy aisle.  They had to make a decision of ONE thing of candy.  A vote was taken on all the potential candidates.

This beautiful lady in her carseat.  I actually think one of the kids took this picture because I don't remember taking it.  My vote is that it's Eli
Little miss Alisha loves it when I clap, dance, and sing to her loudly!  I decided that I needed to get it on camera although this is a very failed attempt.  I've decided that these efforts shouldn't be done alone since I'm not able to clap and video tape very well.  Alisha has been working so hard on clapping herself and randomly succeeds at it and gets so excited when she does.  One of these days my arms won't be too full that I can't capture these moments better.

The gift of Giving!

This year as I look at all our wonderful blessings I realize how much we have and how it's a gift that we can share either by our time or our resources....we all can in some way.

I want my children to recognize our blessings too and it's exciting that they are getting old enough to have more of an understanding of these things. 

At our gym they had a huge giving tree and I wanted to bring the boys back to pick one off the tree something that we could get it for another child.  Finally on Monday I called to make sure they were still doing it before I took the boys over to pick one and unfornately it was the final day and everything was chosen.

Quickly coming up with plan B I called the local shelter to see if they had some toys that they had on the wish list of some of their residents and she did.  She told me over the phone that they had a little boy that really wanted a truck that pulls a horse trailer and some we set off to cal ranch. 

The boys had fun finding a toy that met the description and it helped them understand that not everyone can afford to go and buy what they want.  They enjoyed this exerience.

Today Landon and I took it over to the shelter and Landon was so proud to hand over this special toy.

I hope we can all give this holiday season in some capacity!

Book Fair & Polar Express

Last Friday night Jadens school did a book fair at barnes and noble and it was the same night as "Polar Express".  All the kids wore their pjs and while they were listening to the story they received bells to ring and afterwards got hot chocolate and a cookie.

Jaden was so excited to pick out a chapter book and he's already wore it out and working towards earning another one. 

While we were there I had to change Alisha's diaper so I took her in the restroom.  When I came back Chris was laughing and said a lady came up to him and said "you won't believe this but I just saw a baby in the bathroom that looks just like her."  Chris quickly told her that it was her sister.  These girls get us attention where ever we go.

Breakfast with Elfy

The day after we got our elf on the shelf he came back from the north pole with breakfast.  It wasn't our most healthy breakfast but who doesn't love powered covered donuts dipped in hot chocolate.  The boys knew they were going to like this whole elf thing. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy 7 months

Yesterday morning Jaden got really excited and said "mom, the babies are 7 months today."  I had no idea he was keeping track but I was excited he knew that.

I really am so blessed to have such good babies that for the most part are content and can go with the flow of two older siblings and all of their activities.

Alisha is the sweetest little thing.  I don't think Chris nor my personality would be described as sweet so I'm not sure where this little angel came from.  She loves to lay on her belly and I just rub her back....I often think she's fallen asleep but she just so content she just lays there. 

With both girls if I give them little kisses and nuzzles they'll close their eyes and sometimes fall asleep.  The look of contentment is so adorable and that is my favorite time with them.

Eli is as full of energy as ever.  She scoots on her belly and I'm sure we'll see her crawling shortly.  She definitely requires more attention and I'm so grateful for Landon who loves to give it to both of them.  Last night was our ward Christmas Party and I was one of the ones in charge of it.  While we were decorating there was a little 1 year old girl that was pushing the girls in their stroller and Eli was loving it.  She squealed in delight and was very disappointed when the little girl moved onto something else.

Just yesterday I was so excited for the things I'll get to do with these little girls as they get older.  I know I'll miss my little babies but I can't wait to take them shopping and do girly things with them.  Wow, how the times flies and thankfully we are enjoying almost every minute of it:)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Eve

Two days ago I was at Jenna's and she mentioned she was doing "elf on the shelf" with her family this year.  I had never heard of it.  After she explained it to me I knew this was a tradition I wanted my family to have so I headed to Target to get our own 'elf on the shelf.'

It being December Eve I thought it'd be a fun night to bring the elf to our home.

Close to bedtime the doorbell rang and on our porch was 3 packages.  They boys were so excited and Landon found the one with his name (its kind of exciting that he's learning his letters) and immediately opened his.  Jaden was more hestitant and I had to tell him it was ok before he'd open his.  Inside the boys found pajamas and slippers from Santa so they could wear them during the Christmas Holiday.

Before they could open the third package they had to take their bath.  When they were done they put on their new pjs and opened the 3rd package.  Inside they found the "elf on the shelf" and we all read the story together. 

If you aren't familiar with the 'elf on the shelf' you get to name him...the boys named our "Elfy".  Each day Elfy will watch the kids and each night he'll go back to Santa and report what he saw.  If you touch Elfy he won't be able to report the good things you do each day.  Each morning Elfy will return and you may find him in silly locations. 

I'm going to try to do a daily blog entry of Elfy and what he's up to that day!

I hope this become a fun tradition that remind the boys and girls to be on their best behavior.   

Trim The Tree

On Sunday we pulled out our Christmas Decorations.  We didn't actually trim the tree since we love the convenience of an artificial tree.  The boys did almost put the entire thing together themself and it was a wonderful thing.  I can't wait until I can't send them to the roof to string Christmas lights...until then we won't have any:)

They had so much fun pulling each thing out of the box and the memories that each item contained.  We have a couple of annoying Christmas Toys that we've received from past Christmas that they think are the greatest. 

The girls napped for most of our decorating but woke up at the end and watched us from their walkers. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Chris has been working at his new job since March.  We were pretty confident that it was a really good fit and that he'd do very well at it.

Chris has almost always worked in sales therefore his paychecks haven't always been consistant.  Some months are a feast and other are a's the nature of the beast.  He does have a base but that alone would not provide for our family even kind of.  We rely on his commissions.

Each month since Chris has started each month is better then the next and they expect to hit a national record this month.

Chris isn't doing this alone.  He has one of the hardest working bosses he's ever worked for and the two of them have made huge ground and gotten attention nationwide.  Thus his boss is being promoted shortly leaving an opening in management.

Chris is SALES!  He does really well with it.  He's made wonderful relationships with the doctors he works with and he continues to make more and more...the free food may help! 

We knew there was the possibility he'd be approached with the management position and we weren't sure it was something he'd want.  He's already making more then his boss.

Well today his bosses boss came into town and sat him down to talk about it.  The salary isn't very good and the bonus potential isn't either.  The only motivator in moving in this direction is that it is a stepping stone that must be taken to move up in the company.

Chris's boss and his family have sacrifed for only 1 1/2 years and now he's on his way to a huge base (about 1 1/2 times what Chris will earn this year) and huge bonuses. 

The salary Chris would earn plus bonus will be about equal to what Chris earned at yellowbook (keep in mind we only had two kids then) BUT so much less then I think he can earn at the rate he's going.

It'd be hard to live off that amount.  We are fortunate and have eliminated almost all debts and can almost call ourselves debt free except for our house.  WE could do it but it'd stink and Chris boss works HARD!  He works 80 hours a week sometimes. 

PLUS, Chris may never get promoted.  Everyone wants to move up.  It's management, not as much sales where Chris is successful! 

So what would you do?  Does anyone have a crystal ball?  I really was looking forward to his future paychecks...especially the ones after this month.  To some what he'd receive in management would seem like a lot and others would wonder how we were able to live:) 

If you see us eating Ramen you know that's the direction he went:)

Swimming and Kitties!

Last Saturday we did Brunch and swimming with my family since my brother was up for thanksgiving.
When cousins are up they can't get enough of each other and there are some major meltdowns when we leave.  

Chris usually heads to my parents on Saturdays for football games with my dad and takes the boys with him.  When Landon would come home he'd be raving about grandmas kitties!  I was a little confused since my parents do not like cats.  I asked Chris what he was talking about and Chris told me some strays had adopted my parents since my mom couldn't stand to see them starve.  Needless to say Landon loves to go and see the kitties.  He chases theme EVERYWHERE and pulls their tails.  While we were there on Saturday he grabbed one and threw it on the tramp.  The poor things don't even fight back. 

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys!

We had a fabulous thanksgiving this was easy breezy lemon squeezy as Jaden would say.

The Hendricks side of the family all came to Idaho to celebrate and we are a BIG group.  Because of the size we moved it from my grandmas large home to a nearby church and I was worried it wouldn't feel like thanksgiving but it was fabulous and so convenient. 

I think I'm going to start the tradition of making my kids turkey shirts. I didn't get very good pictures but the boys thought they were awesome and the girls loved chewing on their ribbon!

Thanksgiving weekend we also experienced quadruplets.  Not really but my cousin Jake and his family stayed with us and they have twins 5 months older then the girls so we had lots of babies!  Growing up Jake and I always played together and he was a little bit of the trouble maker and I was always the one saying "should we be doing this?"  If his twins are at all like him (they are boys) we are in for some really adventures!  Both his and our older kids had so much fun together and had some late night staying up and playing!  I also love his wife...yay...which makes it even funner.
On thanksgiving day we had a wonderful's fun when there's lots of people because there is a big variety of dishes and lots of yummy choices.  This is the first thanksgiving my boys discovered olives on their fingers and they thought that was a lot of fun.  After dinner we all had plenty of room to play and hang out.  Most of the men went outside and played football and the kids played on wiggle cars, hide n' seek, basketball...they truely were in heaven. 
The girls were so good.  I was walking pushing them and someone said "how did you do that".  I had no idea they had both fallen asleep.  I hurried and pushed them to a quiet corner so they could get a little rest.   They aren't always perfect and they have their moments but I am so lucky they are overall happy little girls.

Here's a picture of my mom and her beautiful sisters and mom. They are the ones that created this huge family called the Hendricks:) We had a wonderful day and we hope that the tradition can continue although each year as the family grows we acknowledge that it probably won't.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Mi Familia

I haven't done as good as I hoped with all the things I'm thankful for.  One thing I've noticed though is that those thoughts are always on my mind lately.  I'm often writing blog posts about what I'm thankful for in my head and I'm just not taking the time to get them down.

On the top of my thankful list is definately my family.  Although there is a lot of us, we are all there for each other and love to do things with one another.  I'm so grateful that my kids are getting to create the kinds of friendships I created with my cousins growing up and it a blessing to live close to most of my siblings.  

I'm so grateful for my little ones and the joy they bring to my life.

Having girls has been so much fun (two at once has been a little bit of work).  Although they are identical there is something distinct and unique about each one and we often comment how much Eli looks like me.  Here's a picture of me when I was about 1 and one Jenna took of Eli the other day.
 I'm thinking the reason I think she look more like me then Alisha is the chubby cheeks and her expressions:):):)  It's fun have a mini-me or two!!!! 

The most wonderful thing about this upcoming week is that I get to spend lots of time with one of those things I'm most thankful family and lots of extended family too.  I have the best aunt, uncles, and cousins and this will probably be the last time they all do such a big thanksgiving because we've grown so much!

Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm so aweful to write down all the things I'm thankful for and this time of year is such a good time to really think about those things...I'm going to try to write down a few things each week of all the good and wonderful things I'm surrounded with.

I'm going to start with Jaden's teacher (not because it's what I'm most thankful for but because she's fresh on my mind).

At Jaden's school you choose what type of classroom setting you want your children in the prior May.  There is a program at his school called Spectrum that lumps 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders together with highly involved have to be involved for your children to be in the this program.  I was too worried about making that kind of committement having just had the girls and thinking my life may be over so I chose traditional.

During the summer I started stressing about this decision and that I took an opportunity away from Jaden.  I felt horrible. When everyone returned working at the school again I called and asked if there was ANY possibility of getting Jaden in one of the classes....they kind of chuckled.  Needless to say he entered a traditional first grade classroom.

It just tells me that things work out the way they are supposed to.  His teacher is new teaching at his school this year and although I have very little to compare her too I don't think he could have gotten anyone more wonderful.  I have never seen such an excitement for what he's doing at school and he's so motivated to make good decisions and he's excited about what he's learning.

Fortunately, the girls didn't take away all my abilities and I get to volunteer in his class room for 1 1/2 hours each week. (I'm thankful for you watching my children, Jenna).  I get to witness how amazing she is.  She has some really tough kids in her class and she handles them so wonderfully. 

Jaden does not like to do his homework and Chris keeps asking me if I'm sure he's doing well at school because we witness a horrible attitute at home when it comes to his school work.  I told Chris I'm witnesses Jaden's work at school first hand and he is one of the top of his class and his "I can't" and "it's too hard" is all for show.  His teacher brings out the best in him and hopefully I can learn some of her tricks to bring out the best in him at home so that homework will be a pleasant experience.

So today, I'm thankful that my son is in such good hands for a good part of his day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

1/2 birthday x's 2

These lovely girls turned 6 months on Wednesday.  They are so much fun and we can not believe how quickly time flies. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat

We've had a busy halloween and I'm not too sad to see if over!

I've failed at taking very many pictures of all the fun Jaden and Landon had but hopefully they'll remember what spoiled little boys they are. 

Last Saturday was our Ward Trunk or Treat and I have to say that those are pretty fun and easy (that is because I'm not in charge).  After some really good chili I headed to the car, turned it on, put the girls in their carseats, and hung out as I got to see all the little kids cute costumes.

On Sunday (again no pictures but I did steal these lovely shots from facebook) my sister and sister-in law threw a halloween party that was to die for. I was rather inpressed with their discusting, yet deliciou- foods:)

We ended our celebrations with Trick or Treating on Monday.  After being unable to find dry ice anywhere in town we didn't get to enjoy our traditional root beer but the boys did have a lot of fun collecting  and eating candy from the neighbors. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Flying by the seat of my pants

I don't know why but I feel like I don't quiet have it together right now.  Usually I have a plan, everything is organized, everything gets done early, and lately I feel like I'm squishing everything in to make it all work out.

For example, we always have the tradition of going to a pumpkin patch.  We seriously have had no time to go this year and we keep saying were going to go and it would never work out.

I kept thinking I'd just buy a bunch of pumpkins at the grocery store for decoration and a couple to carve and I'd always forget.

On Saturday night Chris and I were out on a date and we were doing errands (because we just can't seem to get caught up) and we were at Walmart and I had to run to the car so I told Chris to make sure he bought Pumpkins and we'd grab them outside when we left.  As we were leaving I reminded him to stop and grab the pumpkins and he had forgot to buy them.

On Sunday in desperation we decided that since our pumpkins patch was an honor system that we could buy pumpkins on Sunday at the pumpkin patch (yes, we were justifying).  As we pulled up Jaden said "we can't buy pumpkins, we can only look because it's Sunday."  Taking a deep breath we told him he was right and the boys went into the free maze and looked at the pumpkins they'd come back and purchase today.

Come today, Chris is out of town and I did not want to take all four kids to the pumpkin patch in the wind...especially since the girls just got better. 

Then a miracle...a text message from a friend that asked if I wanted some pumpkins.  I immediately called her and she told me that she had purchased 8 pumpkins and people were tripping over them when they came over (she lives in an apartments)  This friend is a giver and I often feel like I take advantage of this so I told her I'd only take them if I could buy them from her. 

An hour later we had 6 pumpkins (plus we had the two my kids picked from my parents house). 

Out of the 6 I let the boys choose a pumpkin to carve tonight for FHE.

They drew their picture on the pumpkin and I cut.  Jaden first created his pumpkin on the computer and did his best to draw the same thing on his pumpkin.  Landon's was scribbles so I cut on the outside of the scribbles so he has a random hole in his.  They had a lot of fun.

So it all worked out...the boys got to enjoy the pumpkin patch and we got pumpkins today without a complete meltdown of me:)

Fire Safety Awareness

We just started attending a multiples group and for this months activity we all went to Fire Awareness at the first station.  This wasn't an activity for the girls but the boys loved it.

They had a trailer that had a simulated fire and the boys had to get on their hands and knees and find their way out of the smoke.  After two attempts at this Landon still had to be rescued but I give him credit for trying since he's usually a chicken.  They both earned their fire man hats and wore them while they explored all the big trucks.

There are two sets of triplets in the group and it helped me realize that twins really aren't that bad.  Both sets of triplets were two and running in completely different directions....I watched in awe how all the other parents just stepped in when the parents hands were full with two and there was still another one running around.  Their strollers were a little crazy too!

Harvest fun at Grandma and Grandpas

My parents loves to spoil their grandkids and buy them lots of fun things so they always want to visit (not so much fun when Landon asks to go there about 10 times a day). 

This car was one of their recent purchases and the kids had so much fun playing on it when they went to a harvest party at their house.  At one point Matt and I couldn't find Landon or Easton so we went in different directions to find them.  I told Matt "they wouldn't be over's just the hill and they'd never go down it".  Well, that's where they were, at the bottom trying to push the car back to the top with big smiles on their faces.  Landon (he thinks it's his car) ventured down the hill a couple more times only to be in some big trouble!

After some car riding fun and dinner the kids go to pick a pumpkin out of my parents garden.  Since they were too big to carry they had to roll them...that definately warranted a few chuckles!

Angry Birds...

To say Jaden isn't obssessed with Angry Birds would be a lie.  He loves them so much so we knew it was a definate that he was one for Halloween and since I always try to do a theme with my boys Landon got to go along for the ride....something he wasn't too excited about at first. 

Jaden's school halloween carnival was on October 14th and I am amazed at the parent support in making it amazing!  This year they had unlimited punch passes which was much easier.  The boys enjoyed a hot dog dinner, bouncy houses, train rides, and lots of games...they were very disappointed to see them night end (Landon almost fell asleep).

I knew the girls would get a lot of attention but I was SHOCKED at how all the kids went crazy over the boys costumes. I thought that it would actually be a popular costume this year but I only saw 1 other angry bird and it was more of a shirt costume. Girls and Boys both would flip around when they'd see the boys and point, yell "angry birds" and "awesome costume" and "sweet"....ect! Jaden loved the attention and Landon hid behind my leg. 

It was a fun night and a great kick off to halloween!

We are a pEAr (pair)

For Halloween this year the girls are a pear (a pair).  I'd been trying to find the perfect halloween costume...especially since I was so excited to finally have a girl(s).  I looked all over the internet and all the ideas for twins were the same and I wanted to be more original.  Then literally pears popped into my mind and to even make it better...the word pear had both an E and an A for their names.

They first debuted their outfits at Jaden's school halloween carnival.  Anytime I take them out; especially in their side-by-side stroller they are crowd stoppers.  The unfortunate part was the many thought they were "peas in a pod", which was one of the many twin ideas, and I just would smile. 

I thought these outfits were especially fitting because these two little girls adore each other and I'm sure they'll be a pair through out life.  If they are next to each other, they are holding hands. 

Right after we got home from the carnival the girls were sick for a week...they had to do that together too!  Up until that week I felt like that twin thing was ok and not too overwelming but it shattered my reality when they went from waking up once a night to every half hour...they didn't even do that when they were first born.  One evening I was up with Alisha for 2 hours and right when I went and laid her down Eli woke up for two hours.  They still aren't back to the "waking up once a night" but it has improved and slowly my sanity is too!

They have now outgrown sharing a crib and it broke my heart to seperate them but besides the fact they can't hold hands they are much more comfortable.  Eli is loving the extra space and is all over the place.   I think Alisha misses Eli though...she seems to be my one that wakes up.  I love these girls!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some of our weeks happenings!

Our week has definately been interesting.  We went from temps in the high 60's to a lot of snow.  Jaden and Landon also were out of school on Thursday and Friday so we needed some activities to fill our days.  On Thursday we went swimming on then on Friday Gracie and Easton came over. 

The original plan was all the kids to go outside and play in the snow and they did...for about 10 minutes.  Gracie stayed outside and played forever and made this masterpiece.  I was so proud of her that I told her she could take my camera and take pictures but to also make sure she got some of my boys (since I didn't want to go out in the cold).  She took a lot of pictures (they are hilarious but way to many to post) but none were of my boys...Landon was evening sporting a santa clause hat so that picture would have been fun:):):)

The kids also got paid to kill flys.  Our house is infested since our doors are open ALL the time.  That kept them busy for a while because they wanted the nickel I'd pay them for each one they killed.  60 cents later Gracie then paid Jaden to come outside and play with her...I told Jaden I was very disappointed that she had to pay him to play with her. 

Today the boys built a "Monster Machine" at the build and grow workshop that Lowe's has every other week.  Jaden was very proud and insisted I take a picture.  He LOVES to build there projects and memorizes the upcoming ones and dates to make sure he doesn't miss one.

The girls managed to get themselves in yet another's usually Eli's fault.
Landon spent the week chasing our neighbors cat...he's obsessed. I've apologized to my neighbors and told them I wished maybe there cat would give him a little scratch so he'd leave it alone and they told me they saw their cat attack Landon and it didn't faze him.  He is improving so much with his language skills and it's funny to hear the things he'll say.  When all the kids were killing flys Easton was holding a fly swatter and I told him that I saw a fly...pointing at Landon.  Landon then said "there's a fly on my nose" and I said "no, you are the fly." He replied, "no, mommies the fly."  Such silly and simple words but I love hearing and understanding them. 
We went to an army surplus store.  They had a lot of different display items and they boys thought it was really neat.  Jaden kept saying how Landon looked so much better in the picture because he was wearing camo.  We didn't plan that:)
 This picture is through my dirtly windshield on my phone with the sun blaring so the quality is poor but I get a kick out of the kids Jaden's gives rides from school on his bike.  Since the girls are too small for the bike trailer and I'm too nervous to let Jaden go by himself we always follow him in the car.  He usually has a friend on the back and it's a very SLOW drive home. 
 Today Jaden wanted to go to Kmart with his "fly killing quarters" to play the claw machines.  I HATE those things and I will never let him play them because I told him that you NEVER win.  On his third quarter he earned a TINY eraser and put me in my place...he was so excited!  Now I guess I have to let him play them.
 After I bathed the girls tonight I was getting them in their pj's and they were holding hands.  They almost ALWAYS hold hands and I love it.  I was talking to another mother of twins who are 3 months older then the girls and she says they are just now noticing each other.  The girls have been aware of each other from day one and I love that bond!