Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun filled and BUSY memorial day weekend.  My children have decided that we need to move to Utah because there is much more to do. What they don't realize is that if we lived there we wouldn't spend all our time playing...it'd be a lot like we do here:)

We began our fun on Saturday.  We headed down and did some shopping and then met all of Chris's family at Planet Play in Draper.  The girls decided that they didn't need to nap on the way down so after a couple of hours they were exhausted so I took them out to the car and they took a short nap.  We went back in and were there for another couple of hours.  I was very tired by the end of the night.
On Sunday after church we went into Salt Lake City.  I dropped the boys off in Sandy so they could ride the train in.  Jaden and Landon thought it was so much fun. 
We visited Temple Square and City Creek.
After that we had dinner with my Aunt Tammy's family.  Jaden has been so excited to see my cousins son Braden and the boys had so much fun playing with their 2nd cousins. 

While the boys played the ladies went on a walk.  These are my cousins twins who are 24 weeks older then the girls.  We even have the same stroller:)
On Monday on our way out of town we hit 7 peaks in Salt Lake. 
We all had a fun time seeing so much family.  The girls did not sleep well the whole time and we were a little sleep deprived and they were a little cranky but it's a trip we'd do all over again:). 


For whatever reason Jaden does not like to sing.  This year he did not like going to school on Wednesday because they had singing time.  Leading up to Jaden's sing-a-long he kept saying he didn't want to do it.  I was definately getting worried as it approached that he sit there scowling or doing something he shouldn't. 

He did GREAT!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers Day....

While I have a two whole seconds I thought I'd quickly write about my mothers day gifts from my kids before I totally forgot about it....currently the boys are at lowes building me another Mothers Day Gift, a vase!

Yesterday Landon came home from school with a flower they had planted from a seed.  It had two plants coming up and he was so excited.  Shortly after he got home he pulled one of the plants and I said, honey, that'll ruin it.  He was so proud to announce that he fixed it when he put it back in the dirt.  He was so devestated this morning when he saw it shrivelled up but I told him there was still one plant left and that we needed to water it and put it in the window for sunlight.  He perked up again.  He also brought me 5 hershey kisses wrapped up.  Landon loves his treats and I was curious if I was really going to get my hershey kisses so I slowly opened them and told him how excited I was to eat them.  He quickly handed me one and said "here you go mom.  This ones for you and this ones for me".  That's about as good as he gets when it comes to sharing treats:)

Jaden got in the car yesterday and insisted I open his mothers day present.  He made an adorable frame at school and then they filled out a questoinnaire.  Here were the questions and here are his answers:
-By: Jaden
-Age: 6
-My mothers name is: Kimri
-She is: 32
-She weighs about: 205 pounds (So I asked him how he came up with this number since it would have been much more flattering if he had said 100 and he proudly said he'd guessed.)
-Mom spends most of her time doing things like: working (I'm so glad he recognizes how hard I work)
-Her favorite thing to do with me is: play blokus (that's probably true, we both do enjoy that game)
-Her favorite food is: a salad (I eat a lot of salads and LOVE them but he would have been more accurate in saying chocolate; he shares my love for salads too)
-It really bugs me when: my mom plays the computer (first of all, I don't play on the computer, I do a lot of work on the computer.  Second of all, it bugs him because he wants to play on the computer...my little selfish boy:))
-Her favorite TV Show is: How I met your mother (He was so excited he knew this and I didn't know what to say since that show bugs me.  I never watch TV and we have netflix so every morning he sees that left up on the screen from Chris and assumed that was my favorite show.  When I told him it was actually daddy's favorite show he was devasted (I'll never do that again) and erased it and made me write my favorite.)
-The thing my mom likes best about it is: I play with the babies (I do love it when he does that and the girls do too)
-Mom likes to wear: t-shirts (hmmmm...I maybe need to bring it up a notch)
-Mom is always: Happy (good answer)
-I show my mom how much I love her by: she is nice (he may have misunderstook this one or maybe he just showed me by saying I was nice)
-I wish my mom could: do my homework (yep, we fight that battle everyday).
-I like to: play blokus__ with my mom because: it is fun.
-I love my mom. She is: very fun.

Seriously, when Jaden is in the right mood (he's up and down) he is the BEST child I could ask for.  I often remind him that I LOVE good Jaden because he's so sweet, helpful, and does what I ask.  Jaden is so smart and is testing at a 3rd grade reading level.  His handwriting...if they tested would probably be a preschool level:). 

So I look forward to more mothers day treasures.

Yesterday was my moms birthday so we decided to take her and my grandma (mothers day) to meet two of my aunts from Utah in Malad for Dinner.  The food was yummy and the portions were HUGE!  Here is all of us....we had a good time and it was full of laughing!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Little One Year Olds!!!

This post kills me to write.  My little girls are still supposed to be little babies that I have to rock to sleep.

I remember right after the girls were born rocking their little bodies and thinking "this moment is going to go so fast" and it truely has.

I loved my little babies...especially the first 4 months.  They were such good little girls that loved to sleep next to each other.  It broke my heart when I seperated them and they didn't sleep as well anymore. 

The beginning was full of such sweetness and now it's full of lots of laughs and entertainment.  Both are great but I really miss the sweetness.

Neither is walking yet but I  didn't expect them too since my boys didn't walk until 13 &14 months.  They are becoming easier (we went through a really hard phase) and are such characters. 

These little stinks would not do a good birthday pic.  They wanted to play with their tutus, balloons, hats, anything.  They were all over the place.  I may have yelled a little for them to hold still....it didn't work!

We celebrated with shakes made with ice cream and different cakes & frostings!

and then the girls ate cake...or Eli did.  Alisha was so fitting of her personality to take little licks of frosting.  Eli dug in until her little tummy hurt!

I know there is great things to come!!!!