Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St patricks Day & other fun things!

My posts lately are getting crammed full of different things since I'm no longer a super faithful blogger! I chalk it up to being pregnant & forgetting to take pictures.

So this post may be full of some of the randomness at our home.

We took the boys to Utah last week for a quick last minute mini-vacay before I can't travel anymore & of pictures except for them swimming in the tub. That'd be because the camera was right there. When we got home Jaden said his favorite part was Ikea....he can be my new shopping buddy since his daddy HATES that store.

I was going to try to go to Utah this weekend BUT at the doctors today I'm measuring 40 weeks pregnant (for a singleton) so it's probably not a good idea. I'm a little worried my body is going to think it needs to start doctor too! So today I got my first steroid shot & I get to go back for another one tomorrow. The good news is I'm not contracting but the bad news is I'm getting so large. I keep thinking I need to take a picture to document but I do find it a little depressing. So maybe I will at some point or maybe I won't....depends on the day probably!

A week and a half ago Jaden's cousin Wyatt came to visit since his mommy just had a little baby girl. With her & Jenna's there'll be my two girls & two girl cousins in the same grade. Won't family gatherings be so much fun for all the cousins. Anyways, Jaden loves Wyatt & they got to go fishing with grandpa. Look what they caught...very pixelly picture since it was taken on a phone. On St Patricks Day I was in charge of our RS Birthday Party Dinner so I did the actual day as simple as possible. The boys got green muffins, green apples, & green milk for breakfast. For lunch they got bread with green peanut butter, green apples, green punch, & raisins. As long as it was green, the boys were happy!!!!

We couldn't forget Jaden's annual green party. We held it this Monday when life wasn't so crazy. We cut down his guest list this year but all of them enjoyed green food, a game of lucky, playing with green play-do, and searching for treasure.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr Suess & Baby Shower

On Friday Jaden's school celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday by dressing up. Jaden was "cat in the hat." It's so fun when he gets excited about something & he really had fun dressing up. I kept meowing at him all day:)
This is a baby shower I had in february that was so much fun. I'm realizing that I may not want anymore pictures taken of me since I'm not looking too hot:) I got some really fun outfits, lots of diapers & wipes and then two of these....aren't they the most creative things ever? I'm sure they will be very handy. Thanks ladies for a fun day!!!!
I had another Perintologist appointment on Friday & EVERYTHING looks great. The girls are even measuring full size where they should be. What a blessing....I'm totally amazed how things were looking worrisome & now there really aren't any concerns. They even pushed my next appointment out three weeks (this doesn't include my obgyn appointments). I'm thinking I may actually these babies full-term (for twins anyways.) I was in doubt for awhile.