Thursday, January 27, 2011

In no particular order

In an effort to catch's lots of pictures without any words. I'm almost ALL caught up! Yay!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Were still here

I'm usually a much better blogger & blame it on the fact that I lost my photoshop disk & my computer crashed & had to have everything re-loaded. Having faith I'd find it I kept looking & waiting & finally gave in to ordering it over the internet two weeks ago. Well, if I had paid close attention I would have realized I ordered the mac version therefore I still can't put my picture collages together from Christmas nor finish my 2010's funny how lost & behind I feel without it so I may forgot ordering over the internet & go to office depot. So hopefully pretty soon I'll have lots of pictures to share from our wonderful Christmas holiday! Here's our family on Christmas eve; I'm always behind the camera & so this is a rare moment that we are all together. The boys are in their christmas pj's. Today I had my 20 weeks appointment. As I pulled up to the office I started feeling a little anxious for my 2 1/2 hour appointment. The good news is that all the organs appear to be great & functioning correctly. They did find one concern in both babies. They should have a 3 vessel umbilical cord & both of them have a 2 vessel umbilical cord. This may or may not be anything.

Usually if there's a problem they'd find something in addition to this wrong. But because it's twins & because they don't know if they are identical my visits just doubled (they were already more frequent with twins) & I'm being referred to high risk twin doctors that come from SLC every 3 weeks.

If the babies are identical they want to watch twin-to-twin tranfusion really carefully with this cord issue. The placenta is located at the back & it will be unlikely that they'll be able to tell if there are one or two placentas until they are born.

If you are interested in understanding this better (I don't totally know what it means) here is a link I found about it plus pictures. It can sound alarming but keep in mind they didn't find anything else wrong so we aren't worried at this point. I have an ultrasound appointment with the high-risk Dr.'s in 3 weeks where they'll evaluate the rest of my care for the pregnancy & double check that everything else appears to be function correctly.
Here's a picture the tech got of the babies together...she was so excited! I think the girls are adorable.
And last of all here are my little hunters. I'm not a huge fan of kids playing with guns but we have a hunting wii game that the boys love. I've been integrating in their brains that we hunt animals for food & if we shoot one we have to eat it. The guys in my family hunt so I'm trying to let them know that is the only time they can play with guns. Now, I'm crossing my fingers they never actually shoot something because I don't like to eat elk or deer meat & as I'm preaching it, we have to eat it:)