Monday, June 25, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

When Chris and I were first married we had the bestest couple friends!!!  Sadly, they moved to Arizona and we moved to Idaho and we haven't quiet been able to find that couple friend. 

So many years later we finally got together in Las Vegas this past weekend!

The great thing is that it was like we'd never been apart.  We played every single minute we were there.

The pictures are in no particular order.

At the Bellagio they had the most beautiful art made out of flowers.  They update it 5 times a year.  (BTW, I left to Vegas with sore eyes and the smoke made them worse to I'm wearing my ugly glasses in a lot of the pictures)

We tried out many forms of transportation.  We took the montorail, taxi, shuttle, and the bus.  I think I preferred the bus most and will remember that for next time.

Caesars palace was amazing and HUGE!

On top of ALL the transportation we did a TON of walking.  We were all sore, tired, and hot so we hopped into the Cosmopolitan for beverages.

More pics of the was so pretty!

We passed this weird art building on the bus.  I had to take a pic.

We definately needed a pic with Elvis.

We spent lots of time at the pool!  I always went down there hoping to catch a nap and a tan (we got almost no sleep while we were there) but I'm too much of a kid and always went swimming.

This was my first Vegas Trip going down to Fremont Street.  I loved the old part of Las Vegas.  I doubt I'd ever stay in a hotel there but I definately would visit it every time I go.  We never made it back at night but the lights are supposed to be amazing!  I wish we had spent more time there.

One night after a fun filled day we decided to take the montorail down different sections of the strip.  Danielle and I may have gotten a little goofy.  I seriously haven't been that silly in forever but it was fun.  I definately think we may have appeared drunk...drunk with fun:):):)

 I totally wanted to jump in and relax my aching muscles.

At Dinner one night we were sitting next to Sisqo.  We couldn't decide if it was him so we didn't ask but then a little later we ran into him in the hall. Chris was estatic.

This was a human statue.  He was good!!!

Believe it or not I've never tried Sushi.  I've never wanted to.  I don't like fish and raw fish totally scared me.  I really tried to venture out by trying Sushi, Lamb, and almost Mussels (I could not put them in my mouth.). I didn't throw up the Sushi but it is something I won't try again. 

Pic on the monorail.  The views out of our window was beautiful!

Checking out the boats at the venetian.

We had such a good time!!!!

It was hard to come back to reality but the 4 of us decided we'll do an annual trip together...future locations to be determined. 

I wish I had taken more pictures too.  I'm usually the one behind the camera, not in front so I kept forgetting to take any. 

Until next year!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Times in the Water

Our family loves anything that involves playing in the water and our summer has been full of it so far. 

About 2 months ago we took Landon for testing to see if there was any underlying problems that were maybe causing his delays.  We really like the doctor we visited with and after several visits and evaluations he believed (not concluded definately) that Landon has allowed social anxieties to interfere with progress.  He doesn't believe there is an underlying problem BUT he'd like to evaluate him in another year to make sure he progresses the way he should.  His recommendations are to continue Landon's therapies and to push him.  BTW, on a very frustrating note our insurance gave us incorrect information last November and we have exceeded what they'll pay for the year.  All of his expensive therapies are out of pocket until the new year; I may have cried a little that day. 

In an effort to PUSH Landon we thought swimming lessons would be a great start.  He loves the water and loves to go swimming but only loves to stay on the side where he can touch.  Over the past year I'd put the girls in daycare so I could take him swimming and encourage him to venture deaper but he never would.  I was worried that this wouldn't pan out and I told his instructor from the get go how worried he gets.

In shock Landon did amazing!!!!  He loved every minute of it and it was so fun to watch.  Jaden did great too but I knew he would. 
I hope we can find something that gives Landon confidence and I think I may put him in another session or two. 

We also have went to the Spray Park with friends.  That is always a success!
Landon has been dying to go on a water slide since 7 peaks and he ran and ran and ran.  Jaden eventually settled for Sun Tanning!
 This weekend we went to Blackfoot Lake with Chris's work.  I was able to see how much confidence Landon has gained in the water...but a lake is where I'd rather not see it. 
We are looking forward to many more water adventures this summer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My 6-year old flirt....

For the past couple of years I've noticed that girls have started thinking Jaden was cute.  I had nothing to worry about because Jaden ONLY thought of girls as friends and all that other stuff was just discusting.

Over the last 6 months I've seen it evolve until today I realized I had a full flirt on my hands. 

Earlier this year Jaden told me that he'd like me to go blonde.  That got me thinking that he must think blondes were cute and I decided to see if I could get an if he had any crushes on any girls.  As I asked him about little blonde girls in his class, he'd say they were cute half-heartenly but then he blurted out "Anna's Cute."  I was a little shocked since Anna is totally a tom-boy and I really thought he thought of her as a buddy....and she's a brunette. 

As time went on I kind of forgot about it but then their family came over a couple of months ago and I saw him sneak a kiss on her back.  I was completely shocked and was speachless.  Then a few weeks later Anna confided in her sister that she thought she had a crush on Jaden. 

Then today at swim lessons Jaden was totally flirting with the two girls in his class and they were eating it up. My mouth kept dropping open. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.


It was an eye opener for me and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to handle such a young flirt.

Then tonight.  He sees his friend Emily out the window and this happens.

I don't think there was any flirting going on....I think they're still in the buddy/like sister relationship....BUT I'm starting to get nervous about this boy. 

I want to be that mom that you can tell things too even if I don't agree with the decision but I have a feeling I'll be more of that mom that freaks out even by the littlest thing. 

I just hope this innocent talking through the fence doesn't turn into holding hands through the fence or even worse...kissing!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

End of School....

I can't believe another school year is over.  It's crazy how fast it goes.

Before School was out I got to go and help with field day.  It was a lot of fun to see all of Jaden's classmates one last time since I had volunteered a lot in the classroom and knew them all pretty well.

Jaden did awesome in First Grade.  He made lots of new friends and learned so much!  The only subject he struggled with was handwriting and his teacher was very generous in give him a 2 (out of 3).  Consequently I'll be giving him handwriting assignments through out the summer.

Landon finished his first year of preschool!  It's amazing how much he has grown this last year.  He has so far to go but it's so good to see how far he has come this last gives me hope we'll get him where he needs to be.  His teachers loved him and I've discovered he's a much better students for others then me.  Lucky for him he gets all the same preschool teachers next year.  This summer he has assignments too and hopefully we'll be able to improve his number counting and letters and fingers crossed, maybe learn a few sounds. 

The last week of school Jaden also had a talent show.  He did a magic trick but refused to talk in front of all the people.  It was a good thing it was visual.

I'm grateful for such a successful school year and am crossing my fingers that next year is just as good!