Saturday, December 26, 2009

A wonderful Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. How quickly it goes....

For Christmas Eve we went to my Grandma Hendricks. I love traditions & I'm so glad that my kids get to have some of the ones that I did growing up. We always do the same thing; dinner, the nativity, & Christmas pajamas. Afterwards we always go over to my parents for egg nog & sprite and adult pjs!

After we returned home we had a surprise for the boys. We got them bunkbeds for Christmas & didn't know how to have them be a Christmas Present so we told them that Christmas Elves came on Christmas Eve & left them the bunk beds. THEY LOVED THEM!!! They giggled & were so excited! Last night we invited Gracie over for a sleepover on the bunkbeds. They were up until 11pm.

On Christmas we opened presents with our little family. I was so glad to see both boys being appreciate for the gifts they recieved. They started with stockings & didn't even remember they had any presents to open because they enjoyed their stocking stuffers so much. We had to remind them to keep opening was cute.

After lunch we headed to Rexburg for our annual prime rib dinner (YUMMY!!!). It was so fun to hang out & visit. The kids enjoyed rides behind the 4-wheeler, we watched old family Christmas Videos, the kids played & opened more presents...we were really spoiled.

How I'm sad to see if over but I'm excited to set new years resolutions & start a new year:):):)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The story of SANTA & two little boys!

(Caution....these pictures aren't very clear. They are a picture of a picture since my scanner isn't working. Double click on story to make it larger)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Joy of Giving!

I appreciate the bell ringers of the Salvation Army. They've become such a part of our Christmas Season and a GREAT reminder for my kids to give.

Every store that has a bell ringer can expect Jaden to dig through my purse to produce something to give. Landon has caught onto this magic too! Unfortunately multiple stores can create a problem in one day if I haven't replenished my cash & change and the other day upon approaching Sams Club I saw Landon face light up...digging in my purse I was only able to product 2 pennies! Somewhat embarrassed I hoped that bell ringer didn't notice the small amount that Landon placed in his basket. I'm sure one day soon they'll have a credit/debit card swiper to take donations:)

I've noticed that the bell ringers really appreciate it when it's a child that is doing the important lesson at a young age. Today as Jaden and I went to Walgreens together the bell ringer quickly gave Jaden a candy cane & told him thank you. Jaden replied "can I get one for my brother Landon." I love it when he has his little brother in mind.

I haven't been a great picture taker this last month but here's some of the fun that we've been having.

Our Ginger Bread houses were really intended for a Monday night activity but a busy evening didn't leave enough time...we did let the boys pick out candy that evening.

The next day we invited Gracie over to make a small house. They really did a great job considering they were only 4. Landon did a great job of eating his as he went:)

Here's the new favorite house during the winter. Jenna & Matt's house is on a hill, therefore the kids have a place to sled that isn't too far from home. Jaden has spend several different days sledding down their hill. They think it's great. Maybe we'll have to try Jaden's ski's (getting them for Christmas...I'm going to start taking him skiing this year) on the hill.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Tender Moment

Life is crazy, busy right now. I notice that my crazy life affects my childrens attitude and happiness.

That's why I'm grateful for a moment like I just had...especially because Jaden seldomly is tender and is almost always ALL BOY!

As we sat down for prayers Jaden gently grabbed my face and said "mom, you have pretty eyes". I instantly grabbed him in a big hug and told him that "you have beautiful eyes". I totally mean it too, I love his sparkly eyes. He informed me that his eyes were flat and that all kids had flat eyes...hmmm, not sure what that means. Then he proceeded to tell me again. His hands kept softly grabbing my face.

I have to cherish these tender moments:)