Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wishing for WARM weather!!!

Since Landon saw the first ray of sunshine he's thought it was Summer & has played outside almost everyday!

Today, popsycles & swinging! Perfect combination to pretend...pretend it's summer! If only it was..................

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here comes Easter

I can't believe Easter is on Sunday.

Last night for FHE we lets the boys color easter eggs and they had FUN!

Landon is very particular & had a fit when we made him remove his we gave in & let him dirty his shirt. Once he was over that & we let him do it ALL BY HIMSELF he was a happy guy that enjoyed throwing the egg in the cup & splashing colors!

Luckily Jaden did it just right and loved mixing the colors & eggs.

What a fun evening with the boys. They are too much fun and keep us laughing & sometimes crying:)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jaden had a visit from.....

The Tooth Fairy

and he was excited about it...................

and I wasn't............................

About a month ago we went to the dentist and he pointed out that Jaden's front tooth was a little loose. He told me if we were really careful that the roots may grab hold & the tooth may not come out. After cooking all his veggies (nothing raw) I thought we could save the tooth. I didn't want him to be the goofy looking kids missing all his teeth. Because he's only 4 it could be a couple of years before the tooth grows back in.

This past week as the tooth got looser, hung lower & he looked buck toothed I realized that in order to NOT look goofy the tooth had to come out. So we'd wiggle it a little bit each day just waiting for it to come out.

On Friday, at pre-school, it did. AND none of the kids noticed the goofy looking kids with the missing tooth BUT he did become the coolest one. His friends all ask to see his missing tooth. Apparently, it's the cool thing!

Last night (we told him the tooth fairy comes Saturday nights so that he'd have a happy Sunday morning, he's always a grouch) the tooth fairy visited & left him a new Bob the Builder Spin Brush & $1. AND he did wake up happy as could be. Thank you Tooth Fairy, I LOVE a happy Jaden.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seeing GREEN!

Today we saw LOTS of Green!

Today we had a GREEN party! Jaden invited all of his little friends (15 kids total) to a party to celebrate his favorite color. Thankfully, we had beautiful weather & got to play outside.

They ate green foods, played games, & searched for treasure. 15 kids made it a little hard to be organized so there definately was some chaos at times but they all seemed to have lots of fun!
Half way through the party my camera died (way for me to be prepared). Unfortunately I didn't get snap shots of Landon through the day! This boy has been making me smile. He is loving this warm weather & plays almost the entire day from start to finish outside. It's so funny to watch him swing, play in the sand box, mow the lawn, play in his car...he does it all with a BIG grin on his face. I can officially call the backyard my new babysitter & my BABY has never been happier. Oh beautiful weather, please stay for good!!!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Goodbye to SOON!

I've been debating something for a couple of months.
Landon just turned 2!!! Wow, that means some decisions. One of those being a BIG boy bed. In December when we got the bunkbeds we figured by the end of this year the boys would move in together. We just weren't sure when we would be ready.

I've been researching when kids should be in a big boy bed and the suggestion was let them stay in the crib. It's safer and there's no rush. Thankfully neither of my boys thought climbing out of the crib was any fun so they really were safe in the crib & there was no chance of them rolling out.

Landon's problem is that he rolls & moves....and lately hasn't been sleeping well. Chris & I have come to the conclusion it's because he's not comfortable in his crib. He wants more space! his bedroom is no longer a nursery! What a sad day for me. I think I've been resisting this change. I always thought his room would remain our nursery and when we needed it for another baby Landon would move into Jaden's room. Jaden too thought this was how it should be & was disappointed. He's ready for a bunk mate. Me, I'm not ready to get those two to settle down & sleep every night....individual rooms is much easier:)

I'm sure I'll be over it when Landons getting a good nights rest! Now to potty training (totally planning on waiting until he's closer to 3).

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Because you were gone.....

This post was supposed to be proof....I'll start from the beginning.

This morning I woke Jaden for pre-school & reminded him that it was grandpa's birthday. He was excited because that means a birthday party!!!! Jaden then asked me grandpa's favorite color...I didn't know but I told him we'd call grandpa. No answer!!! I got the answer after Jaden was at school; Royal Blue.

So we decide to visit grandpa at work with balloons (royal blue) & his favorite drink (sobe).

Problem....grandpa's not there. So, we take a picture of Jaden, Gracie, Easton, Landon to prove we were there. Other problem, there's no picture on my camera. Where did it go????

Hopefully the proof on his desk is good enough:):):)

Anyways, dad we hoped to wish you a happy birthday at work in front of everyone:) BUT you weren't there so we'll have to sing loud tonight at your birthday party. We considered playing pin the tail on grandpa BUT we won't. LOVE YOU!