Wednesday, February 20, 2013

She's going to be trouble....

This is what we were told recently when someone saw Eli and her mischievous grin.

Yes, we predict she's going to be the most fun and probably give us the most grief out of any of our children.

As an example, Alisha was up the entire night 4 nights ago with severe bad that after a doctors visit at 4 am and an x-ray that we needed to get her poop or else she may need surgery.  So Chris took Alisha so that I could grab a few minutes of sleep and low and behold I hear a very awake Eli.  I swear Alisha sent her a message via her mind that I was finally available.  So I brought Eli into my bed begging with her to go back to sleep.  She then decided she'd go play the piano, squeal, and make all kinds of loud noises.  When Chris got home Eli was an absolute hoot and dancing around making us laugh except that we were tired and quickly made her go to bed.

Today I tried to take some product pictures for my store.  These girls frustrate me when I try to get good pictures but Eli was again too funny!!!!  We love this little spunk and she definitely keeps us on our toes.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy LOVE day!!!

We love our little family so we had to celebrate in our usual Valentine dinner special way.  It was so cute because the girls had to sit at the table while I got everything ready.  They were pretty good not to touch anything.

Chris and I did very small gifts for each other because he just started a new job and the way the paychecks fall, we go for about a month without a paycheck.  Let just say I'll be breathing much easier in March.:)

For the boys vday cards we did these.  I had an idea for the girls cards that I never executed....too little time.  But really, we would have only given one to the grandmas and that's it so it's ok, right?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Birthday Boy!!!!

Someone had a Birthday and we had to celebrate!  It's crazy this kid is 5.

He is gotten to be such a funny kid and loves to tease...I think he gets that from me:)

Happy 5 years buddy!!!