Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Oh how time flies!!!!

I can't believe that Thanksgiving and come and gone.

We love that special day we get to spend with family and EAT! 

My kids love their cousins and begged their whole week off of school to get to play with them.  We slipped in play dates and a few sleepovers and it makes me happy to know they are making the same kind of memories I had growing up. 

Our thanksgiving was loaded with lots of family, made from scratch food (which is my favorite), eyeing black friday ads, skeet shooting, and craziness!

I don't like how all the black friday sales start on Thanksgiving now but it was sure nice to be home by 10pm.  I do most of my shopping online now so I go more tradition then anything...a bunch of us crazy ladies!

For all you local ladies if you need something to do on Saturday I am having an Open House at my home for my boutique and a couple of other local vendors....so exciting!!!  10am-1pm.  This dress will be one of the items available for sale and we are EXCITED!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

New Ward!!!

This picture is out of order but it's the last activity that we had with our ward.

We have loved our ward and have been so grateful for the many wonderful friends we have made in it.  We also had the best bishop we could have ever asked for.  When they announced they were redoing all the wards except for 1 in our stake I was a little worried what that would mean.

What it meant was that our wonderful ward was cut in two and redistributed.  We are so sad to lose our wonderful Bishop and so many wonderful friends.  Chris also was released from the Bishopric since we are now in the NEW ward of the stake.  Because we are the new ward we are starting from scratch. 

I've shed some tears BUT I'm not bitter:).  I just truely will miss so many wonderful people.  I know we have a wonderful new bishop and I look forward to getting to know him and a lot of new people.

Fortunately we had two weeks after the change was announced and we got to enjoy Trunk Or Treat.  The girls hadn't been feeling well that day so Chris stayed home and I got to enjoy the evening with only 2 kids....so much easier. 

Jaden....and football

When it comes to stubborn, I've met my match with Jaden.

He's a tough one to get to do something he doesn't want to do.  Practicing his part for the primary program was impossible.  When I constantly told him he needed to practice it he'd refuse.  What made me finally shut my mouth was when he recited his part from last year....what a memory.  I figured if he read it once he probably knew it so I handed it to him and crossed my fingers he'd actually recite it from memory when he got up.  Fortunately he did but I was definately holding my breath.

Football was the same thing.  We stopped putting Jaden in sports because of the battle we'd have.  If it wasn't his idea, he wouldn't want to do it.  We were so sad as we drove by all the flag football teams playing at a school by our home and wished we had signed Jaden up.  A couple days later my friend texted me and said they needed another person on their team and wondered if Jaden wanted to do it but we only had until midnight to sign him up.  Chris put his foot down and told Jaden he was playing.

The first few practices and games were tough.  He'd fight us to go but slowly, even though he wouldn't admit it, I could tell her was really enjoying it.  He didn't always like to listen and one practice he was goofing off and the assistant coach turned to Jaden and said "did you hear one word I just said" and without missing a beat Jaden repeated word for word what he had just said.  IT'S EXHAUSTING!!!!

The last 3 games is when I saw Jaden finally understand the concept of how to play and he did awesome.  When he first started I wasn't sure if this would be a sport he was good at but towards the end it made me think we maybe should push him in this direction a little bit:). 

The best news of all....he's asked when he can sign up for soccer.  Not really a winter sport.  We are trying to talk him into basketball.