Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a wonderful day

On Sunday my little brother Chanse spoke in church & shared stories of his mission....he has grown so much! That's not saying he wasn't amazing before but it was an inspiring talk and I'm so excited to get to spend time with him.

Growing up I always had a special place in my heart for this kid & he was always my little side kick.

It is really strange looking up at him & not down....he towers over me now.
Here's some pictures to share! My camera died half way through the luncheon so I missed out on a lot of great pictures including a sibling shot; I have to get that from my aunt.

On a different note....I've decided to change how I do my journaling for my challenge. Doing it all in blogging form can be a little much for everyone to read. While I do love sharing I'm sure it's getting a little boring to see a post EVERY day. I'm going to work on my digital scrapbooking where I do all my journaling for my kids. Some of those pages I'll share & some I won't. I also think I'll begin keeping a thought journal where I'll jot down thoughts & things that come to me through out the day! I'm still figuring this all out! By the end of the 3 months I'm sure I'll be a pro at this:) There will be more posts then I normally do...just not everyday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm dreaming of......

A day that contains sunshine so that we can make a short walk down the side walk to the ice cream man!

If only it was warm & if only ice cream was healthy!
Thank goodness for dreams!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So much Fun!

This week has been a lot of play....

For those of you who know my family & were wanting to know what kids belonged to who here's a quick breakdown....

Easton & Gracie, who are in a lot of my posts because they live close by & our kids love each other, are Jenna's.

Wyatt & Addy came up for the week from Casper Wyoming & they belong to Cory.

Britt's & Trav's kids are still in school & didn't come but everyone will get together this summer & we are soooooo excited! BTW, Trav has moved here for a job & Ang & the kids will come at the middle of June after school is out...so there you have it...a lot to keep track of:)

So now to my progess this week in my challenge. Some parts were easy & some parts a little more difficult. I do enjoy blogging but the daily posts have been a little much BUT I'm determined to have a PERFECT score so you will continue to see A LOT of posts over the next 3 months. I get one day a week off and it's a good thing because yesterday was VERY busy with mission homecoming stuff for Chanse....he speaks today & we are very excited to hear him.

On Friday we (siblings & kids) went to the funnest swimming place in Jackson Hole. It had water slides that ended at a shallow pool so Jaden could go by himself. None of the kids area was too deep for Jaden & it had mushrooms & waterfalls. Landon got to go on the slides with an adult & they both had such a fun time! I can't wait to go again. I'm so grateful we found something fun to do with this awful weather we've been having.

Friday, May 21, 2010

you purchased what???

Yesterday Chris went to a dealer auction to purchase cars (emphasis on cars).

He came home with this......

That's uncle Chanse taking his nephews for a ride....and when they were gone for a few minutes I was a little worried.

I've been racking my brain if it's a good purchase for us. It's small so it should be slow, right? Nope, this thing has got some speed and my boys are a little obsessed.

We need to make a decision. Maybe you can make it for us, anyone want to buy? It's an 09 for $700.

This decision may require a trip to the sanddunes:)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome Home

My little brother arrived home from his mission last night!
We were so excited to see him!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

oh to be shy!

My dear sweet little Landon is a shy little guy. Today I was reminded of this as we were out doing errands!

For groceries we chose Smith's because they have the funnest little grocery carts that make the shopping experience so much easier! As we walked through the door I saw this cute old couple talking & then she discovered the little carts. She thought they were so cute & then she saw Landon & was so excited to get him one. Only problem, Landon wouldn't take it from her & ran away. Apologizing, I let her know that he was REALLy shy.

As we began our shopping I think we were maybe being stalked by a worker there. He was obsessed with playing with Landon & Landon wanted nothing to do with him. We'd enter the next aisle & he'd run down trying to scare Landon. He succeeded, but I don't think it was the way he intended. After a few episodes like this I wasn't quiet sure what to do so I'd kindly smile & go to a different aisle. Landon was getting to the point where he'd only look down & say "no". I know his intentions were good but it was getting a little awkward.

I discovered from both these episodes that there are positives & negatives to being shy. On the first occurance I would have loved Landon to have smiled & said "thank you!" On the second occurances....it was probably good Landon ignored him. Who knows what a reaction would have produced.

This little guy is so cute when he pulls his shy face; a face I have yet to capture on camera.

If he is comfortable with you he's so much fun and you couldn't get a funner two year old!

Landon, I love you buddy! Mommy was really shy when she was your age too!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Best Friends {cousins}

Does anything beat friendships with cousins...I don't think so.

This week we are excited to get to see my brother "uncle Chanse" for the first time in two years.

Not only are we excited to see him but it means we get EXTRA cousin time & get to see cousins that live far away. Oh Happy Day!
These guys were getting some major air...don't show their mommies!!!!

For a short time after we moved to Idaho Wyatt still lived here & these two were best little buddies and sometimes each others punching bags. Yesterday there was only love for each other.

Our home was a little loud & crazy yesterday but these smiles make it all worth it.
Tomorrow...I think I need a post on Landon. Some how he always sneaks away during picture time:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

And so it begins...

My friend from high school Brandi posted information about a 'wellness challenge' on her blog. After reviewing it I loved everything on it & thought it had some great things that I could work on. One of them specifically is writing in a journal or daily blog expressing gratitude, appreciation, ect. So...over the next 3 months you'll see an excessive amount of posting from me. I'm going to really work hard at not having meaningless posts but posts thought out that I can reflect back on & enjoy what I wrote.

So todays post is on Jaden's pre-school teacher. Tomorrow will be her last day teaching Jaden since she'll be out for a double knee surgery.

Jaden has a very hot/cold personality & there is very little in between. How I've worried that he'd be a difficult boy to teach & I've worried he'd be the boy the teacher didn't like depending on what personality he'd bring to the classroom. I'm not sure how she's worked her magic but Jaden has excelled & she only gushes about him...I've been shocked on many occasions. I know that she must be doing something right to hold his attention & to be able to teach him so many wonderful things.

As Jaden ventures to kindergarten next year I have the same worries & only hope that he can get a wonderful teacher like his pre-school teacher. It's so nice to know that your childs teacher truely loves your child & is always excited to tell you the things they say and are learning.

All I can say is "thank you"! Teachers have a tough job & I'm grateful for the ones that do it well!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to {ME}

Since my posts are usually gushing about my kiddos & how much I love them & they sometimes include raving reviews about my own mother so I thought I'd skip that, at least for today!

Today, I'm just excited to have a day to have an excuse to get something I wanted...kind of selfish, I know! I am one that has a hard time buying something for myself unless I have an excuse so I look forward to these holidays that give me an excuse:)
As I've posted before I've done P90x since the beginning of the year & loved it, loved it, loved it! 2 weeks ago I found myself losing motivation to do the dvd's, I'd completed about 10 min each day the whole week (most workouts are over an hour.) That saturday I did a jog & realized I REALLY needed some good cardio. P90x is AWESOME but you don't get a lot of cardio. So.......

after much nagging from Chris about what I wanted for mother's day I told him I wanted something BIGGER then we normally do.
So my present & his for fathers day (he wanted one too) is an elliptical.
I will return to p90x but I need a something different for a little while to keep my motivated.

And I'm excited for change!

I have to post this picture of my cute boys playing together. I love it when my kids play together...makes a mom smile!
Now off to enjoy good food with my mother & my grandmothers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love them & want to just squeeze them!!!

Sometimes don't you just want to squeeze your kids to pieces...not in anger but because they are just too cute!!!!

Today...SNOW!!! Ick...really I can't stand it. I'm glad these two give me somethings to laugh about since I'm not finding any humor in this cold weather.

So here's some of the fun that they bring in my life.

On Monday, I pick Jaden up from pre-school & he tells me I have to close my eyes, so I do. He searches all over his bag to only discover he didn't bring the surprise. As my eyes are closed his pre-school helped knocks on my car window (I'm sure she wondered what I was doing with eyes closed) & told me about school that day. They were talking about mothers and they went in a circle & asked the children what their mothers do. After 4 kids informing the teachers that their mothers watch TV they got to Jaden. At this part of the story I'm a little nervous what Jaden may have said. He then informed them that I cook healthy foods, drive him places he needs to go...ect. Wow, thanks bud for making me look good:)
As we are driving Jaden tells me he told his teacher that he needed to scribble today because he was in a hurry. Jaden isn't a writer, drawer, or anything artistic & he has no desire to do any of it. Today, he brought me home the picture he scribbled. It looks like a picture Landon may have colored but that's what makes it a Jaden Original.
And he also brought home the SUPRISE he was so excited about from Monday. He insisted I hang it up on the wall with a nail. I made a compromise & put it up with a thumb tack.

This morning when I saw snow I told Jaden that we needed to find something fun to do today. I asked him what he'd like to do. He said "Jon's Automotive". We use Jon's for oil changes, dealer cars, ect. & Jaden usually gets to go. In Jon's lobby they have a race car game that Jaden ADORES! He's always begging to go. A couple of weeks ago Jaden woke up in the morning (I think he was dreaming about it) & immediately told me how we could get the game at our house. I asked him and he said "go on the computer, type in google (he said the letters), and then type in Jon (said the letters again)". I was amazed at his creativity but felt bad when I had to burst his bubble that it didn't work like that.

I love this picture of Landon. His little chicken legs are too cute! This picture is at the zoo when he's trying to get a better look of the animals. This kid pulls the funniest facial expressions that I never capture on camera. I've got to work harder to catch them because they are giggle worthy.
Yesterday, another cold day Landon & his friend Griffin found fun in my car. They were so funny I had to capture in camera. Why do kids love cars????

I love you little cuties!!!!