Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!!!!

We love Birthdays around here so we always try to add something special in our busy lives!

Chris's birthday was yesterday but we surprised him on friday when he got home from work with a scavenger hunt.  At each stop he recieved a clue and something special as he continued on his journey.  At his last stop he was given one of his favorite meals and a clue on where to meet us for dinner.

All of us waited at the park to decorate.  I realized that instead of buying a happy birthday table cloth, I bought happy birthday we had to eat on a dirty table.  I also wasn't aware there is a helium balloon shortage but thankfully Jaden "grew" one at school and so graciously let us use it.

Chris was greeted with his favorite cake and got to enjoy his dinner while the kids ate pizza.  We also surprised him with his final present, a watch that he has been excitedly waiting for.

On his actual birthday him and Jaden went to the first ISU football game of the year!!!!
We hope you had a wonderful day!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School

What a difference a year makes....even for me!!!!
Usually I'm a little nervous for my kids to go back to school, to the unknowns that are before them.  This year we all seemed like old pro's and we just hopped back in the routine.
Before we began, we had a back to school dinner.  We wanted to set the tone of the year with some ABC's (which I stole from someone else).  They are
Always try your Hardest
Be kind to everyone
Count your blessings
Both boys also got a flashlight to remind them to "let their lights shine". 

Jaden started school this last Tuesday.  We rode our bikes with him and once we got to school the girls started screaming and trying to get out of the bike trailer.  I felt bad but we didn't stay with Jaden while he waited in line.  I was so glad that he was confident enough to wait by himself.  We got a quick picture and left for home.  Jaden is also very social and our bike rides and walks take way too long because he stops and talks to everyone.  Yesterday his bike riding days ended when I caught him not using cross walks. 

Landon started his 2nd year of preschool on Thursday.  I'm amazed at the difference a year makes.  He hopped right on his bus and was excited to tell me about all the new kids in his class when he got home.  He even remembered that last year I'd pick him up from school on Thursdays and asked me why I hadn't picked him up.  I'm really praying that this year gets him completely prepared to be a kindergartner next year. 

Fun at the Fair

Since the boys got some fun this weekend when they returned I took the boys to the fair on Labor Day while Chris stayed home with the girls. 

This year I actually got the boys to look at the exhibits and not just ride the rides.  The boys took a big interest in our garden and were most amazed at the award winning pumpkins and veggies.  Ours didn't come close in size.

They loved the rides and picking out special treats and feeding the animals.

Jadens favorite booth was "play n' trade" where he played the dance game.  He was fun to watch.   I have a video I can't get to upload that I will hopefully put up shortly!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have an oil for that....

First of all, I've started using doTERRA.  I was definately a sceptic but we've had a fun month using the oils (I have used them infrequently this past year) and learning all the things they can be used for.

Jaden has been all on board with this (I've been surprised) and anytime he has any type of ailment he asks me to get an oil to fix it:):):).

For the past couple of days Jaden has been a stinker and has displayed some less then positive behavior.  As a result he's tried to rebel at even the littlest things and while we were at Walmart last night I wouldn't get him anything and I bought the girls a new swing for the swing set (we only had one).  Shame on me for buying something for the girls. 

When we got to the car he took my oil keychain (has 8 small vials of oils) and wouldn't give it back. I decided my best defense was to ignore him.  After I started smelling oils I still kept my mouth shut.   When we got home Jaden told me he had opened two of the oils.  I responded, I hope you didn't mix them, it'd create a chemical reaction.  Terror filled his eyes.  Mom, I mixed the peppermint and on guard together.  I told him I had hoped he was wrong because it creates a delayed reaction and that his arms could fall off.

As the evening progressed I had forgotten about our conversation.  We got ready for the first day of school, blessings, outfits, prayers, ect!  At 9:30pm Jaden came down (I thought he was anxious about school.)  He then told Chris and I that we needed to say a prayer so his arms wouldn't fall off.

I felt so bad...well maybe only a little.  He deserved to be a little scared.  He quickly giggled with me when he realized I had been teasing him AGAIN!

Boys Weekend!!!!!

Cousin Ella's baptism was this last weekend and we decided it'd be a good time for the boy to do a weekend all by themselves without us girls!  It may have tipped them scales at the thought of another hotel room with the twins and the lack of naps they get when we go on trips.

The boys filled their weekend with 7 peaks, trafalga, this is the place, sugarhouse park, and the baptism of course.  They packed in a lot of fun in two days!!!!

The girls and I spent the weekend cooking meals for the entire month.  I have to say it was absolutely NO fun and I doubt I'll do it again.  While I'm excited to have my freezer full of meals for the entire month, it was crazy trying to do with the twins at my feet....and the MESS it created, I'll have nightmares about it for awhile:):):).