Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Boy!

Wow! This boys mind exhausts me. It NEVER stops.

For the past 3 weeks our homes has been filled with Chain Reactions (I was going to upload one to show from my phone & can't figure it out.) Because of the mess they were creating I had to create a rule that he couldn't build another one until his last one was put away. These chains reach from one point of the room to another, sometimes off of table, & sometime they land in bucket of water.

The chain reactions & his other ideas are constantly in his thoughts....he even dreams about them & wakes up & tell me about it.

Some of the funny or not so funny things that he does.

-Jaden loves cars...it works out well that we own a dealership. Chris wrecked his car a month ago & we decided to replace it with a toyota prius; a very practical choice since Chris lives in his car & it gets 46 mpg. Jaden wasn't very happy about it because he thinks it's very ugly & refused for some time to ride in it. One day he decided to take the look of it in his own hands & build a front air scoop (I didn't know what these were until a month ago...you see them on race cars). So with a big rock in hand he went to work on the hood of the car. When I went outside I was VERY angry at the many scratches on the hood. He informed me he was working on building a front air scoop. This was one of those not so funny moments. If we see a prius on the road he's always very quick to tell us how ugly it is.

-Jaden loves to be the dealership & he usually is really good so he can often go when I or Chris work. Today Chris & I were there while a couple of people were looking at a car. We do try to keep Jaden away from the customers but he snuck around us & went & announced to the potential customers that "this car has nice tires." Thankfully they were looking at a car that he thought was "cool" or else I'd be afraid what he'd say.

-Today Jaden built 4 centers for me & Landon to do. They do these in kindergarten...they have science centers, listen centers, ect. Today his centers included BINGO (he got the idea from Kotter's b-day party); he created is own bingo cards. I was so impressed.

-This isn't a funny moment but one I LOVE...he always runs out of school with a huge smile & hug. I have yet to do a carpool because I want to see his face coming out of school. I'm sure I'll get over it soon:)

Sometimes his energy & mind overwhelms me but I'm grateful he uses his mind so much. I hope that as a parent I can steer him to do great things with it...I know he can be & do anything he wants. Currently he wants to be a race car driver...I definately will work on steering that in a different direction.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Somebody is overcoming all their fears of strangers & guess who got to join the gym again. After 3 weeks of absolutely no excercise I wasn't feeling to swell.
I need A LOT of variety. The summer was great with all the outdoor things to do plus I've really enjoyed my eliptical but I needed change or else I knew I would quit. Chris & I decided to try a week guest pass to see how Landon did in child care. We left him for 20 min, then 30 min the next day, ect...you get the point & it worked.
Today I got a full spinning class in & he hardly noticed I was gone. What a wonderful feeling!!!
And the other great thing is that I've never done spinning because of my fear of "bike butt". I decided it was now or never since I've been riding my bike all summer I should be somewhat broken in. There was pain but we did a lot of hills which gave my rear some relief...not my legs though.
As much as I love my little guy...absence does make the heart grow fonder!

Monday, September 6, 2010

We've been busy!

We've been busy with many different activities but what has consumed most of our time is moving our dealership. We made the decision to turn to a traditional dealership vs. a car buying service so be sure to visit our new location at 705 N Holmes in Idaho Falls. We have much to still do like purchase a lot of inventory but we did get everything done with the state so...YIPPEE! One check mark on a whole list of check marks:)

Here's some of the fun...

A back-to-school treasure hunt by grandma.
A fun run. Jaden was so funny when we caught him at the water table & not running half way through the race he said "mom, my feet forgot to run." He's an easily distracted boy! Landon insisted on staying in my arms the whole time & I had an arm ache for a week. This kid is losing his naps. He still gets tired though so I usually set him on the couch watching Handy Manny at around 2:30 pm. Often this is the result. Aren't his chubby cheeks so cute!
This kids also loves to cook pretend food. I often get to experience & pretend to eat his creations!
Look whose a kindergartener now. What fun his first week of school was. I loved dropping him off & seeing his adorable face come out of the school when it ended. He's been bursting with excitement for school. I'm crossing my fingers that he remains excited to learn. He's been telling me for weeks he's got to go to school so that he can get some work done. He's so lucky to already have a bunch of friends that he knows in his class.
On Saturday we went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Jaden begged all day today to go back. The both loves RIDES & GAMES so they were both in heaven. Mom & Dad...not so much!