Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to Happy Feet Two.  I was worried about the girls because it was during their nap but they loved the music and danced to a lot of it and both fell asleep towards the end. The boys loved the endless popcorn and landon even fell asleep too!  We love to go to the movies around Christmas time.
 After the movies we went to my grandmas house for dinner and it was yummy! 
 After dinner we did the nativity.  Jaden was so amazingly good!  Usually he's a little loud and I've never seen such an angel...although he did not play an angel but a Shepard:)
 Then we watched a movie about our savior.  Again, Jaden watched so intently and didn't make a peep.  Landon...he was a little hyper!
After the movie we went and opened Christmas PJs from grandma and grandpa.  The boys are always excited to see what pj's they'll get...I loved this tradition growing up.  After that my grandma gave the boys  cars 2 and I've NEVER seen them so excited!  It was the funniest thing ever....apparently we didn't need to spend a bunch of money on gifts...we just needed to buy them a movie.  They both started jumping up and down and ran and gave my grandma a hug.  Landon had to show everyone there his movie.  It was so cute!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Grandma Murphy

Grandma Murphy couldn't be here with us for Christmas and I know she would have loved to.

So we broke a couple of rules today. About a week ago grandma sent some money for us to find toys for the kids for Christmas from her.  I turned to my favorite store Amazon and a few days later their gifts arrived.

Since Christmas eve and Christmas day can be a little crazy we wanted to make sure the boys had a separate time to open the presents from her so they didn't get lost in all the shuffle.

We sat them down today and asked them if they wanted to open them up today.  We were a little surprised when Jaden informed us that we were breaking the rules and that they can't open them until Christmas.  We told him that since they were from Grandma Murphy he could but we weren't going to make was his choice.

He finally decided it was OK BUT we couldn't tell grandma that they opened them and we couldn't tell her thank you for them until Christmas so she wouldn't know.  HONEST????  I'm not quite sure but once he came up with this plan he was excited to open them.

We didn't have the girls open their since they aren't getting much for Christmas anyways:)

So here's my side-ways videos from my phone....I didn't realize I needed to turn my phone a certain direction.  Both boys are a little camera shy but they've been playing with their presents for over an hour. 

Here's Landon opening his play dough potato head.  At speech Mr potato head has been a favorite and it's been a great learning tool for him to learn the body parts and their functions...nose is for smelling, ect.  As I played this with Landon I realized this one also allows us to review his colors as I ask him what color he wants to make the hair, nose, ect. 
Jaden got a Cars 2, 3d art thingy.  We've had to look up a couple of numbers off the cars 2 characters so he could make sure he puts the right number with the character.
Then they got a present to share...a game.  They love playing games together and this one is simple enough for both of them to enjoy together. 
As I uploaded these videos Jaden came proudly to show me his potato head, all the body parts are play dough...apparently the gifts are interchangeable.

Merry Christmas Grandma Murphy and we hope you have a wonderful day!  The boys will call you on Christmas and pretend they had just opened your presents:)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Some other randomness

As I clean off pictures off my phone I have a few to post ..

This is my adventure of taking 6 kids, 6 and under to Walmart for a couple of items I needed for our ward party.  As bribery we started at the candy aisle.  They had to make a decision of ONE thing of candy.  A vote was taken on all the potential candidates.

This beautiful lady in her carseat.  I actually think one of the kids took this picture because I don't remember taking it.  My vote is that it's Eli
Little miss Alisha loves it when I clap, dance, and sing to her loudly!  I decided that I needed to get it on camera although this is a very failed attempt.  I've decided that these efforts shouldn't be done alone since I'm not able to clap and video tape very well.  Alisha has been working so hard on clapping herself and randomly succeeds at it and gets so excited when she does.  One of these days my arms won't be too full that I can't capture these moments better.

The gift of Giving!

This year as I look at all our wonderful blessings I realize how much we have and how it's a gift that we can share either by our time or our resources....we all can in some way.

I want my children to recognize our blessings too and it's exciting that they are getting old enough to have more of an understanding of these things. 

At our gym they had a huge giving tree and I wanted to bring the boys back to pick one off the tree something that we could get it for another child.  Finally on Monday I called to make sure they were still doing it before I took the boys over to pick one and unfornately it was the final day and everything was chosen.

Quickly coming up with plan B I called the local shelter to see if they had some toys that they had on the wish list of some of their residents and she did.  She told me over the phone that they had a little boy that really wanted a truck that pulls a horse trailer and some we set off to cal ranch. 

The boys had fun finding a toy that met the description and it helped them understand that not everyone can afford to go and buy what they want.  They enjoyed this exerience.

Today Landon and I took it over to the shelter and Landon was so proud to hand over this special toy.

I hope we can all give this holiday season in some capacity!

Book Fair & Polar Express

Last Friday night Jadens school did a book fair at barnes and noble and it was the same night as "Polar Express".  All the kids wore their pjs and while they were listening to the story they received bells to ring and afterwards got hot chocolate and a cookie.

Jaden was so excited to pick out a chapter book and he's already wore it out and working towards earning another one. 

While we were there I had to change Alisha's diaper so I took her in the restroom.  When I came back Chris was laughing and said a lady came up to him and said "you won't believe this but I just saw a baby in the bathroom that looks just like her."  Chris quickly told her that it was her sister.  These girls get us attention where ever we go.

Breakfast with Elfy

The day after we got our elf on the shelf he came back from the north pole with breakfast.  It wasn't our most healthy breakfast but who doesn't love powered covered donuts dipped in hot chocolate.  The boys knew they were going to like this whole elf thing. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy 7 months

Yesterday morning Jaden got really excited and said "mom, the babies are 7 months today."  I had no idea he was keeping track but I was excited he knew that.

I really am so blessed to have such good babies that for the most part are content and can go with the flow of two older siblings and all of their activities.

Alisha is the sweetest little thing.  I don't think Chris nor my personality would be described as sweet so I'm not sure where this little angel came from.  She loves to lay on her belly and I just rub her back....I often think she's fallen asleep but she just so content she just lays there. 

With both girls if I give them little kisses and nuzzles they'll close their eyes and sometimes fall asleep.  The look of contentment is so adorable and that is my favorite time with them.

Eli is as full of energy as ever.  She scoots on her belly and I'm sure we'll see her crawling shortly.  She definitely requires more attention and I'm so grateful for Landon who loves to give it to both of them.  Last night was our ward Christmas Party and I was one of the ones in charge of it.  While we were decorating there was a little 1 year old girl that was pushing the girls in their stroller and Eli was loving it.  She squealed in delight and was very disappointed when the little girl moved onto something else.

Just yesterday I was so excited for the things I'll get to do with these little girls as they get older.  I know I'll miss my little babies but I can't wait to take them shopping and do girly things with them.  Wow, how the times flies and thankfully we are enjoying almost every minute of it:)