Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Visiting Chris

Last week I was originally going to go & visit Chris with just Landon & leave Jaden home. It's not always the funnest putting a family of 4 in a hotel room for more then one night. Last Monday night Jaden was really missing Chris so Chris got us upgraded to a suite so it'd be bigger & I brought Jaden along. Although the weather was yucky we really had fun & it was a nice break from our regular routine.

So I'm sure those of you that have husbands that travel with their job find creative ways to make it work. Chris has travelled with work for the past 3 years and we've worked really hard to visit & travel with him when it would permit. Chris will be working out of town for the next 3 months therefore the creativity starts all over again:):):)During the day the boys & I went to shoshone Falls, shopping, swimming, & then one night we went to Hop 2 it. Definately the highlight for the was a place to run since it kept raining outside.

So here's to next week...maybe not:):) I always fill like I'm playing catch up when I get home. This week has seriously been filled with boring tasks such as changing my brake light (totally did this with no help), yard work (ick), fixing the mess with my stolen credit card (4 hours on the phone), signing up for a NEW gym (so exciting, I stopped working out), & tommorow a trip to the Licensing place. I got pulled over last week still having in my possession a Washington Driver license..oops! I get to take a test & everything. I'm definately ready to my week of tasks to be over.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My NEW Obsession!!!

So I have a lot of pics to post because we visited Chris on the road this week but I'm skipping ahead (I'll catch up later) on what me & Jenna have been up to the last month or so. A CUPCAKE OBSESSION!!!

We've been making cupcakes like crazy & decided we want to sell them because they are so delicous!!! We are having fun. I'm fattening up my neighbors with all our creations. Check out our site & feel free to promote us...haha.

AND for anyone that has went to a cupcake shop you'll know that price wise we blow them out of the water & ours are much more delicious...if I might brag:):):)

Our blog is
The K stands for my name...yipee!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a very FULL weekend but those are always the best!!!

Saturday morning for breakfast I made a BIG meal. We rarely do much more then cereal & I wanted it to be a fun day. We then gave Jaden his bike & it was so fun to watch his expression when he saw it. He was so excited & so grateful. At 10am we when to the community Easter Egg Hunt & it was packed. Jaden was in the 3-4 year old age group & since many of them didn't understand the rules they started to early...I told Jaden to hurry & he did. He filled his basket full & then realized his BEST FRIEND (he says this non-stop) Gracie was without any because she panicked. He then proceeded to take half his eggs & fill her basket...truely a touching moment. We then walked over to the playground & everyone played & had so much fun...Landon too! Landon thought the slide was the greatest thing.

After this we headed home & tried out Jaden's new bike. Chris pulled Landon with the bike trailer...a funny picture if I could have captured it:):):) AND then it being such a beautiful day & all I decided it was time to paint the shutters & front door. Turqouise just wasn't going to cut it anymore...I will post pics when it's completely done.

That night Chris & I got some alone time...wahoo!!!! Unfortunately much of the night was spent still trying to figure out Easter outfits. BTW I'm totally going to make my own store that sells cute boy ties. I looked everywhere all week & just wasn't satisfied with the blue & black ties I purchased the boys and they don't even make any Landon size. I was going to have to alter his. At 9pm we finally found Jaden a shirt/tie combo but nothing for Landon. Landon luckily had a hand-me-down vest outfit from Jaden that matched Jaden so that was good enough for me. We then ran to another store to buy Chris a matching tie...seriously, it was stressful!

Saturday night I received two phone calls from different people asking me to sing the next morning & in two weeks for sacrament meeting. I agreed for Easter, tried to get out of the two week thing (not so lucky) so easter morning I took pictures of Jaden in his cute outfit but Landon was napping & then I had to go practice & his shirt was dirty by the end of the church so we'll be doing retakes on the whole easter outfit thing. So here's sneak peak of Jaden....Landon will be coming soon!

For easter Dinner my Grandma Hendricks made a delicious dinner. Landon had a blowout (he never had these now) all over & I had no spare clothes. He ended up wearing one of my grandmas shirts for the remaining time. For that reason he didn't get to participate in the easter egg hunt:) So Jaden came home with plenty of candy & goodies!

And I have to post this picture. A week ago my friend Jen invited Jaden over to make this. Isn't it the cutest. The grass grew in a week. Jaden keeps talking about how long his grass is. This might be a tradition that we'll have to take on.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My ReAliTy

So I'm definately lacking in my posts.

The reality is that Chris has started travelling with work again. YUCK!!! When Chris travels he expects me to post a lot. Double YUCK!!! But here's the positive side since we all need to find a positive to the negative. Absence really does help the heart grow fonder. I was talking to a gal that lives a couple of doors down whose husband travels all year, almost all week. She has 3 little ones & is such a sweetie but really quiet. As I talked to her it reminded me that it's not that bad & that it could be worse.

Yesterday was a WARM day which was wonderful but also meant that there was a lot to do. So Jenna & I set to work putting up the swing set...a whole day later it's still not done. Those things are hard & it honestly ate my whole day yesterday. It didn't help that all the little ones were trying to help to. The highlight of the day was planting a FEW flowers (I still don't trust the weather to plant more.)

We did take a moment to color easter eggs. The topless children are a result of a desire to not stain clothing. Mission was accomplished.

Landon is getting better at not holding onto me every second of every day. He really just wants to stay a baby which is nice to fill that baby void but not so nice when I'm trying to get something done. Jaden was adventerous at this age & wasn't scared of anything...Landon just wants to be near his mommy. Landon has taken a liking to basketball & that keeps his attention for a while. I got to catch that on camera because it really is cute.

We broke out my bike today. There is seriously something about riding a bike & feeling like a kid again. I rode down the neighborhood with a big SMILE plastered on my face pulling two little ones. my reality isn't that exciting. This warm weather is so good for my SOUL. How can you not love it. I'm looking forward to a date with my hubby this weekend, giving Jaden his bike for Easter, the easter egg hunts, & reflecting on the true meaning of Easter.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For the simple fact that this is the only place that I really document anything I figured I better get this written down.

Wormin is a new addition to our home. Wormin has a bedroom, plays with Jaden, scares Jaden too! So who is Wormin. Wormin is Jaden's imaginary friend.

About 2 months ago Jaden began talking about Wormin. Jaden took Wormin everywhere. Eventually Jaden decided that Wormin needed a bed so Jaden began sleeping on the floor so that Wormin could use his bed. Then eventually Jaden made the decision that his room was no longer his bedroom anymorel, that it was Wormins & that he wanted to start sleeping the the toy room. Of course this was where I had to draw the line & insist that it was HIS bedroom even though Jaden would argue it was Wormin's.

When asked how big Wormin was he'd hold his hands about 3 inches apart...he's a small little bugger. That's why I found it odd the other night when Jaden came downstairs almost in tears because Wormin had scared him. That darn wormin...I had to lay in bed with Jaden for 30 minutes before he fell asleep.

Maybe they'll be future posts about Wormin. Maybe not! We'll have to see what future Wormin has in our home:)