Thursday, October 28, 2010


/First off, I've been keeping a secret:)

Today I can't contain this secret anymore. We decided about 5 months ago we were ready to try for another little the trying began. 3 months later we found out we were expecting.

To back up prior to this I've told Chris forever I wanted twins. It's become a joke in our home because we didn't see twins in our future as a possibility since I've never had to go on fertility drugs & to our knowledge they don't run in our family.

So today I had a nice visit with the Dr. Afterwards I headed to the lab & then to ultrasound to make sure everything was ok. I've actually been nervous this pregnancy that things were different. I usually am deathly ill & this pregnancy I've been sick but more that of a regular pregnancy. I've been REALLY tired though & anti-social.

Within 1 second of the ultrasound the tech asked me if I was on fertility drugs. I immediately exclaimed "no, am I pregnant with twins." With a smile on her face she quickly confirmed & showed both little babies.

A thousand emotions came over me....I was babbling. Excitement, scared for two babies, all the sudden I'm high risk, were just a few of them. I made her double check everything to make sure they were both healthy...I become terrified that there would be something wrong.

The Dr. re-entered the picture at this news. I kept asking him how???? He said although the odds are low (2%) that I could get pregnant with twins without fertility drugs or having them run in the family.

The WHOLE office then crowded the halls. It really was BIG news! They all crowded around as I called Chris which by the way I was already planning on teasing him I was having twins so I knew he wouldn't believe me. I had to have the Dr. tell him. SHOCK!!!

Everyone still thinks I'm playing a big joke because that's what I do. But it's true....and it still doesn't feel real.

So today I found out I'll be going from a mom of two kids to four. I don't think reality has set in yet.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall is Here!!!

You wouldn't know it with the weather we've been having but Fall is here and so are all the activities that make life busy. I realize that without my camera (which I haven't used it near as much as I should) I wouldn't remember any of it. As I go through the pictures it reminds me of everything I need to still journal about so here I go.
A couple of weeks ago Chris was travelling with work & Jaden was having a tough'd think he'd be used to it by now. He happened to have that Thursday & Friday off from school that week so we headed to see daddy! The boys spent the majority of their time swimming.

As I've mentioned many times Jaden is ALWAYS thinking of new ideas. Here is his lunch that he insisted he build one day. I had to make sure the veggies & cheese were cut perfect so that he could build his house. The roof is crackers...he gobbled the whole thing up.

This year was the first year his school did a carnival. I am so amazed at the parent involvement at his school. It was a huge event & very well attended. As they talk about all the budget cuts & how they are cutting aids in the classroom I've seen parents step up & fill the void. Jaden's classroom ran out of spots for parents volunteers & there were some parents that didn't get to participate because there is so much involvement. I've been going to Jaden classroom on Thursdays to do centers & have loved being involved & getting to know the children in the classroom. The kids in his class are great & have great parents...what a blessing!

This is becoming a fun tradition. We tried to plant pumpkins in our garden this year & I planted them too early & they froze. When I went to buy more seeds the stores were all out. I can't say I'm too sad because we have so much fun going to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. They also had train ride, a corn maze, & unlimited suckers!!!

Last night for FHE the boys got to carve their pumpkins. They were so excited. We also had great harvest pumpkin & chocolate chip bread for dessert...yummy!

Time sure is travelling fast but I'm excited as the holidays are approaching!!!