Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a CUTIE!

This boy just makes my heart burst! Although his attachment issues have been draining at times he has such a special spirit and a tender heart.

So some of the adorable things I love about him.

HIS DIMPLES....those are the most adorable things ever.

He now enjoys nursery. After almost a year of being able to go we were able to leave him on his own a month and a half ago. It really makes for a much more spiritual sunday for me. Today, he seemed clingly & I always spend a few minutes to help him feel comfortable & to trust me that I'll come back (if you have a child like him, never sneak away, creating trust has made all the difference.) All the sudden he pointed at the door & yelled "go". I took his command to heart & was grateful my little guy didn't need me anymore.

He loves riding his trike & also tries to venture on this bike that's just a little too big. He LOVE being outside & I think winter will be really hard on him...maybe he'll take up a winter sport to help:)

He always ask me if I'm ok. He really is caring & loving.

He's becoming more aggressive...I'm not sure this is a positive but after being so clingy I worried he wouldn't be like a typical boy. He is; he now beats up on Jaden & doesn't put up with big brother stuff.
He still loves to snuggle. My mom still calls him a baby & I remind her that he's two & two year old aren't babies's because he does love to cuddle & is a little more mellow. Mellow is good when you have a very UN-mellow 5 year old. It helps balance out the household a little bit.

I love you Landon!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trail Mix

Yesterday Jaden was eating trail mix. He & his friend starting fighting over the m&m's & I was trying to teach them that you don't look but grab a handful & what you get is what you get. Unfortanately by this point most of the m&m's were picked out & what they got was a lot of nuts.

Jaden learned from this & did the cutest thing last night. I think it shows patience & self-control. He ate all the nuts first & saved the m&m's for last. Love you bud!

Post to come about Landon shortly! Some how I don't post about him as much but he's SOOOOO cute & I need to get some of that on my blog. His dimples are heart melting & he now how an adorable angry voice...I know that's not a good thing but it is so cute it makes me laugh.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recipe HELP!

In this post I mentioned my system for working on my food storage. I've been spending hours combing through recipes that use items that are non-perishable. There are fabulouse websites but most contain many items that are perishable.

So...I'm hoping there are a few recipes or websites that you can share. I want my recipes to be pretty healthy. I'm finding many of the meals I'm putting together are similar & am hoping for some variety.

I'm happy to share what I already have. My simplest meals are sloppy joes (using TVP) & spaghetti (using whole wheat noodles) to some more complicated casseroles & soups.

If you have a recipes that contains one or two items that are perishable like cheese, that's ok. I figure that can be omitted if we truely did need to use our food storage.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The FUN never stops!

I feel like I have so many fun activities to post from this last week. I'm sure I'll miss many things but I'm doing my best to keep up.

Yesterday we all went to bear world. Since I was driving the car (Chris was at a baptism) I didn't get any shots of actually looking at the bears but my whole car load had their faces pressed to the glass.

If you haven't been to bear world it's a must if you are in this area. They have a mini-amusement park that is perfect for smaller children. The boys ran from one ride to another & Landon got to go on all of them. He was actually braver then Jaden on a couple. Their faces are priceless on some of the rides. Bear World also has a petting zoo. Jaden got to pet a deer & they got to look at chickens & their eggs. Awesome teaching moments about animals.

After bear world we ate at Craigo's & then Jaden & Chris went golfing with the guys. I wish I had pictures because Chris said Jaden did awesome & was so much fun.

We again had another evening of fireworks. My kids can't get enough of those fireworks from Wyoming.

My Grandpa would be Proud!

I almost forgot about these pictures from this last week.

Taylor is a girl that my grandpa taught how to ride. She's now offering riding lessons & I couldn't decide if it was something that Jaden would enjoy & could actually do. Taylor offered for a small fee to bring all the grandkids over to give it a try.

Jaden told me over & over he did not want to go so you can imagine my surprise when he insisted that he could ride all by himself. After Taylor riding with him for about 5 minutes he was off all by himself & did awesome.

When I now ask Jaden if he wants to take "riding lessons" he tells me he doesn't need lessons because he already knows how to ride a horse. I think we'll probably sign him up if Taylor can fit him on her schedule....if not for lessons, just to ride:)