Saturday, January 24, 2009

Running in Circles

I know we all run in circles & try to do a million things at once so I thought I'd take a moment & reflect on my day to make myself feel better. I also like to impress my hubby & looked at my home that was in disarray & was pretty sure he wouldn't think that I got anything accomplished while he's been fishing.

So we woke up, cleaned bedrooms & made our way downstairs. Last night we went out to dinner & Jaden chose pancakes (his favorite if we're at a resturaunt that serves breakfast) & those were still fresh on his mind so he insisted that I make him pancakes for breakfast. One big mess later & a cranky baby I pay some bills...these were random stragglers since I pay almost everything online.

I had started a paint project last week in our family room & I haven't been able to finish because I needed Chris's helped in moving the armour so that being done last night Jaden & I decided to finish when Landon went down for his nap...only we were stopped when we ran out of paint. Grrrrr....

Jaden then started eyeing the snow outside that dumped on us last night. I thought this might be a good distraction so that I could get something done so we piled on the snow clothes & I sent him on his way. Landon starts crying after a VERY short nap & as I get him I realize that he pooped & that is what woke him up. I strategically place Landon in the window to watch Jaden in the snow so that he'll be distracted as I sweep out the garage that gets dirty from the dirt put on the snow & then the dirt gets tracked into my's a yucky cycle. Then I peek back on Landon to see him getting jealous of Jaden but he's been fighting a cold for the last month so I don't give in to him going outside. Luckily Jaden starts throwing snow at the window & somehow Landon thinks he's playing too...too cute!!!

Then I remember that I need to make appetizers for a party that we are going to tonight. So I plopped Landon back in his bed, Jaden's playing his school bus alphabet game, I've called Chris & told him to pick up more paint on his way home, I got some digital pages done, the dishes are done...getting it written down makes me feel like I got something done:). AND Chris just called & informed me they caught two fish, he says he has pictures on his phone to prove it...can I trust a fisherman???

Still left on my to do list:
-Write instructions for Jeff when he babysits tonight.
-Mop Kitchen Floor
-Vacuum main floor
-Shovel the massive amount of snow...I might sneek this onto Chris's to do list.
-Move in new TV
-Finish Painting
-Pick up toy room
-Figure out what to make for dinner

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day of Presidents

I wasn't planning on watching any of the coverage of President-Elect Obama being sworn into office but I couldn't help be drawn to the coverage while I was at the gym today. Days like today make my heart swell...I saw UNITY. What a wonderful sight. As I saw past Presidents & Vice-Presidents walking together I caught my breath (not good when I was already out of breath)from their service to our country. It doesn't mean that I agree with every decision they made but they did provide service & do what they felt was best for our country. I found comfort in President George H.W Bush & President Clinton taking a moment to be together. Two men opposite in every way now being friends & united.

Yesterday Chris got a call about a meeting that he'd be having first thing this morning. Those kind of calls make me nervous since so many jobs are being lost at the present time. With relief he called me at the gym to inform me that he made President Club with his company. Only those top ranked at Yellow Book get this honor & I'm so proud of him. He didn't get ranked exactly where he wanted so he was a little disappointed but this is a huge accomplishment. Chris has his eye on some elite sales jobs that he tells me he need to make President Club at least twice before he can even be eligible to apply so we're on our way. Chris started working for Yellow Book at the end of 2007 so this was his first year that he was able to compete & he made it. Chris has worked by the philosophy that it was more important to be honest & sale them only what they need then to oversale for his benefit. He shared a story of a women he was meeting with that started crying & informed Chris she was at the point in her business where she had to choose which bills to pay. She asked Chris to be honest & tell her what she should do. Chris informed her where it would be best to advertise (this included his competitors) & where she shouldn't so that she could maximize both her coverage & her dollar. Sales can be very corrupt & I'm glad that Chris recognizes that it's more important to be honest then on top...oh wait, he's both:):):) Congrats!!!! Maybe we'll see a post from you shortly.

Monday, January 19, 2009

{stay tuned}

I'm kind of in a blogging rut. I'm lacking inspiration...I blame it on the ugly & hard grey snow outside. Chris likes to nag me about writing more often (I think I do pretty good) so today he announced me that he'd like to do a post about once a week titled "Thoughts by Murph". I laughed as he told me this since I can't imagine what topic he'll choose to discuss. His latest passion is weight lifting so I wonder if he'll share his latest techniques or maybe he'll share about sports, or fishing, or hunting, or shopping (yes, he likes clothes), or sale techniques. I guess we'll all be surprised.

As for what I've been up too...lots of things. Painting my home, some bathroom updates, party planning, AND of course all the other things that come with being a mother. Chris did have today off so we did play at BLAST OFF. That was a much needed family escape. And I forgot to mention that my moms sister came into town with her family yesterday so we got in some extended family time & even slipped in a couple of games.

Since my posts are rather boring lately stay tuned to..."THOUGHTS BY MURPH."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

weekend in review

We made it to Utah all nice & safe. We didn't have any snow to contend with & both boys were fabulous in the car. I wanted to jot down a couple of things that I need to journal for Jaden to remind him what a stinker he can be sometimes:):):)

We made a couple stops along the way visiting people & then we made it to our destination for the end of Sunday, Jenna's house. Jaden LOVES his cousins...he used to really dislike Easton but Jenna's last trip to Idaho changed his heart & he's decided that he loves both Gracie & Easton. This is a good thing for Easton since he absolutely adores Jaden. With excitement the three of them ran off to play together while we whipped out the games. Chris went to his best friends house to visit but we didn't all go because they have a 10 day old baby & thought it was best if just Chris went. As were are playing games we hear a ruckus upstairs but are grateful they are distracted so that we can play. Matt starts getting a little suspicious so he heads upstairs...we know something has happened when Matt doesn't come back down for awhile & Jaden comes down with no pants on & Gracies pink shirt, Gracies missing her pants too but has put on a different shirt, & Easton left his shirt on but decided he didn't need anything on his bottom including his diaper. They were so excited to tell us that they had been swimming. Matt came down to inform us that they dumped out Gracies dress up box & went pretend swimming in it plus they pulled out the sunscreen & slathered themselves in it. AND Easton must have thought it was a public pool because he decided to pee in the pool...YUCK!!! Landon made me hold him almost the whole trip so I help as much as I can to clean up the mess & then we send the kids to another room so that we can play again. BIG MISTAKE!!! A little while later we hear cries of "help us" and we realize that somehow they got locked in Easton's room. Matt went up again thinking he was only going to have to let them out but what greeted him was blood. They had pulled a picture off the wall, broke it, & strategically placed glass all over the room. Easton got cut & didn't cry but painted with his blood. Easton was throw in the tub, I made Jaden & Gracie play with me, & Matt cleaned up the mess. As Eastons bath ended he pooped in the tub. Seriously...was this for real!!! Chris did not return until the craziness was over. The next morning I hestited to leave Jaden with Jenna while we went to the funeral for fear that their house would be burnt down. Jenna was smart & took them out. THOSE THREE ARE TROUBLEMAKERS. I maybe liked it more when Jaden didn't like Easton because there didn't seem to be trouble then.

When we got home I was excited to see the boys photobooks had arrived. I did one for each of them for 2008. I first started by flipping through Jaden's & was really excited with how it turned out. Jaden was excited too & wanted to put it on his bookshelf so he could look at it at night. I told him it was a special book & that he could only look at it with mommy. Then as we opened Landon's book we were greeted with a honeymoon. I wasn't happy as I flipped the pages & some gal in a bikini was on many of the pages. After 20 pages of this the book miraciously turned into Landons. I informed Chris that I was going to call the company & get FREE stuff. As I called I informed them what happened & they said they'd ship a new one out immediately. Still wanting free stuff I told them I was worried my baby's pictures were in someone elses books. They assured me it wouldn't...I was slowly chickening out but still had one last little bit in me & said that wasn't a very good thing to have happen & quickly said "thanks, goodbye." Man I'm a chicken...I bet I could have gotten a free photobook or photos or something. I'm keeping both books & I'll let the boys use the honeymoon book minus the bikini pages as they please.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

save the date!!!

First of all, we are making an unexpected trip to Utah tomorrow. Yesterday our nephew (on Chris's side) Anthony's dad passed away and the funeral is on Monday. Anthony has really had a tough life & Chris has been a good support to him as much as he's been able considering we've lived really far away & now just kinda faraway. If we lived close I'd probably mother the poor boy & have him over for dinner all the time. Originally Chris was going to go but I thought it was important for me to go too. So tomorrow morning we're heading to Utah & we hope we can fit you all in. Since it's not a planned trip it probably won't be fun although I'm thinking we need to crack open the game I got for my Birthday tomorrow night...anyone want to play:) I actually hope to get together with my cousin Jake but Chris has his own list to see so we'll see.

On a more happy note my little brother got engaged & I forgot to share the news. He's marrying a wonderful girl from Blackfoot name Melanie Hoge. My brother took the death of my grandpa really hard & she was an amazing support. The pic is actually from the funeral. We're excited to have another addition to our LARGE family. We all have such a great time together & are so supportive of one another. So save the date for March 21st. It's will be a great day!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calling for YOUR ideas

So I feel like life is crazy with working out every morning (new years resolution), cooking healthy meals (that's one too:)), my sister being in town with her two kids, making homemade baby food (won't always be busy but I'm trying to come up with healthy alternative for landon), the everyday responsibilities, plus taxes in the evening. So on Sunday you'd be surprised that I was kind of excited about my new calling.

I've know for about a month I was getting a new calling because they didn't assign me a new class for the new year but they did Chris so I just kept waiting to see what it would be. I was VERY worried I was going to be called as choir director & that is ABSOLUTELY the last calling I'd ever want; I don't lead...everyone assumes I do. So when I met with my Bishop I was excited to hear him say Activities Chairman & not Choir Director. Then he went on to tell me that there is no committee & that we have an activity on Feb 6th & they were thinking a dinner. here's where i need your help.

I've already called all the auxillary Presidents to tell them that I want a rep from their auxillary to assist (small responsibilities, they are already so busy). These past couple of days I've been thinking as I've been running around & here's what I've come up with BUT I'm so new to this & some of you may have done something in your own ward that was a success.

Chicken Fettucini (anyone have an easier yummy main dish?)
Breadsticks from Olive Garden
Cheese cake & chocolate fountain

I need a game or activity....HELP!!!

I also need help with decoration ideas.

And I should mention that I haven't been given a budget but assume I'm ok since it's the beginning of the year.

PLUS to top it all off I always promised my 8 year old class if they'd ALL bring their scriptures we'd have a party. I gave them one last chance last week even though I wasn't their teacher & you wouldn't believe it but they came a party at my house tomorrow night. I told Jaden it's for him...he's pretty excited.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years!!! Last night we had friends over & played games...their kids played with the boys. It may sound like a boring way to bring in the New Year but we haven't played games forever & we used to love hanging out with friends & having competitions...I know we sound silly:) Our favorite competitions that we used to have was couple basketball. Each couple would compete with eachother (can't you tell I miss certain things) and the winner would play the next couple. Chris & I made a pretty good team.

Chris & I planned to stay up late after everyone left & get our resolutions down but we were too pooped so we are still working on them. For me my New Years diet doesn't start until after tomorrow because it's my Birthday (I'm getting so old) & who wants to eat healthy on their birthday.

I'm so grateful for all of our blessings and although this year wasn't a piece of cake I like where our family is at in our life & I'm excited to build from there this new year.

I'm really excited to get girl time this afternoon with friends at lunch & a movie...a good way to rejuvenate with all the things I hope to accomplish this year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful year!!!!