Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yesterday I could hear the girls giggling in their bedroom.  This was a breath of fresh air since lately they want what the other one has.  As I peaked in I tried to capture their giggles! 

Oh the FUN!!!

On Saturday the boys participated in a fun RUN!!!!

Landon ran the 1/2 mile.  We decided to let him run it by himself and he did awesome for the first 1/4 mile.  He ran fast and with purpose and then he lost steam...that's when I joined in and encouraged him the rest of the way.

Jaden ran the mile...he claimed it was 3 miles!!!  He took off with a lot of power but quickly got distracted.  We saw him find different friends along the way...at one point I saw him running, come to an abrupt stop and run 100 yards backwards to run with a girl.  Then he lost interest in her and found a rope to play with.  He was a very distracted boy and exclaimed "I'm not coming in last so I don't care.".  I don't think professional running is in his future.

Later that afternoon we went to an awesome neighborhood party.  My lack of pictures doesn't do justice to the work that was put into it and the fun everyone had.

In the background you can see 1 of the 2 big water slides!!!!  The boys loved it!

The tents full of yummy food...there was also a bouncy house and lots of games!  If the girls hadn't kept me so busy I would have taken a lot more pictures!

Friday, August 24, 2012


I really should be having Chris write this post because this was his moment but in an effort to document it....I'll do my best!!!!

This past weekend Chris ran the Grand Teton Relay with a total of 14 people, 1 being my sister, 1 being my brother, 1 being my brother-in-law, and 1 being one of my really good friends (of whom I stole most of these pictures). 

If you aren't familiar with how these relay teams work it's a total of 14 people running 180 miles over the tetons over the course of about 24 hours. 

Chris was in van 1 and they began their journey in Ashton. Chris has never even ran a half marathon so this was a new adventure for him...one I hope at sometime in the future I have a desire to join him on (currently I don't even want to take up running). 

Here's some pictures of his journey over the tetons.  He ran about 16 miles total!

Their car- there were two cars total!!!!

Chris finishing his last leg...he said he was beat!

All finished!

passing the bracelet

the finish line

Van 1- they were team rat race, that explains their costumes:)

and a week later (today) Chris went into the doctor to check his swollen foot and low and behold he has a stress fracture and gets to sport a boot for the next little while!

I know he enjoyed the experience (minus the brake) and I would imagine he'll do it next year.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Utah Trip

Last week we had a reunion in Utah so we thought it would be fun to spend some extra time there.

On Saturday was our Hendricks family reunion.  We met at a park for dinner and the kids had a blast sliding on the big blowup water slide.

My cousin got home from his mission so we went to his homecoming on Sunday!  We enjoyed a yummy dinner and then afterwards headed to our hotel.  It's funny but probably one of the favorite things of our trip was hanging out in the courtyard playing basketball and barbequing our dinner that night.  It was a nice evening and very relaxing!

On Monday we hit 7 peaks.  I think our 4 young children definately exhaust us and we were definately ready to go.  It is fun to see how much fun the kids have though.

We headed back to our hotel so the girls could take a nap.  After the nap we headed to Trafalga.

Chris took the girls on some errands during part of the time we were at trafalga and I had so much fun with the boys.  I need to do more things with them without the girls. 

On Tuesday we let the boys swim at the hotel for a couple of hours and grabbed lunch in layton.  Overall a successful trip!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Identical Twins

As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions about the girls.  I think they are easy to tell apart and sometimes even doubt they are identical but almost everyone else (including Jaden and Landon and sometimes chris) don't know who is who!

It's very apparent that being identical doesn't mean they have identical spirits because they are so different.  Beside the weight difference I can immediately tell who is who based on facial expressions.  I like that I now can look at a picture of them and immediately know who is who.  When they were little babies it was a little harder and I tried hard to label them for the future.

This evening we were at Sams Club and two adult girls came over and said pointing to Alisha "she's the older one."  I was a little surprised because everyone things because Eli is bigger, she's the oldest one.  As I looked at the girls I realized they were identical.  The pointed out that Alisha's head was a little longer and that baby a will have a longer head and baby b a wider head.  That's how their mom could tell them apart.  I'm not sure if it's a proven fact but it helped them to determine which of my girls was older:):):). 

These girls wear me out but they are a hoot!!!

Alisha (left) is usually more chill and her eyes aren't usually open all the way.  Her smile is more gentle.  Eli (right) keeps her headbands in and is very animated.  She's loud and like attention!

You'll also usually find something around Alisha's neck...not safe, I know!  She finds anything she can and her favorite is her brothers medals from a race. 

Cousin Kaleb while he was visiting.  He was holding two tired babies!

And take a guess who this is with this big grin!!!  And she kept her pony tail in, another clue!