Saturday, August 29, 2009

fun RUN

Landon woke up at 6:30am & he was the happiest little boy EVER....until we went to the fun run. As we arrive Landon suddenly was very tired & Jaden wanted nothing to do with his shoes. After registration, some fun on the blow toys, a meltdown by Jaden, the race finally began. Originally we were going to let Landon try to run some of it but he was so tired & was completely content making the journey in his car.

I was worried Jaden would forget what he was doing (his mind moves a million miles a minute & staying on task is difficult for him) and that is kind of what happened. He came in almost last because he'd get distracted along the way including a LONG drink break. He also thought that he should include hurdles in the event & hurdled many of the cones.

It was fun because we also had some friends with kids running too. It was fun to see Jaden converse with his friends before the race about what was going to happen. At the end of the race was prices & yummy treats!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

water=a dead cell phone

We just got back from Rigby Lake. A beautiful day & many kids being back in school made it a perfect time to go. We went with our friends Jenn, Emily, & Griffin.

Jaden & Emily had so much fun swimming & eventually Jaden informed me he didn't want to wear his life jacket. I told him that was fine AS LONG as he didn't go in the water. He could build sand castles. He agreed & him & Emily went off with some new found friends building sand castles. Landon built his own sand castles & I continually cast my eyes between the two making sure they were ok until eventually I saw Jaden floating out on a log. At first...I was ok because he was still in water shallow enough that it wasn't over his head & I told him to come back. Slowly, he floats out further so I near the water to tell him to kick his way back...not successful so I decide I'm going to walk around to the Island...the side he's closer to. As I'm walking my swimsuit stap comes undone (the only one holding up my suit). I'm trying to fix this as I'm walking & glance back to check on Jaden only to see that he's let go of the log & that he's drowning. Fear of flashing everyone and the fact that I still had my shorts on with my cell phone aside, I went running into the water to Jaden's rescue. Thankfully the little guy did great at kicking & I was able to see enough of his head to find him & pull him to safety. So...I'm not sure if I flashed everyone, that thought left my mind as I ran BUT my cell did not survive. THANKFULLY THE MOST IMPORTANT DID SURVIVE...JADEN!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yesterday Jaden got to go fishing with grandpa....something he's been wanting to do all week. Even though Grandpa was busy & probably would have preferred more grown up fishing he took Jaden & Chris to a little pond. Jaden caught a LITTLE, tiny, fish but you can see how happy & excited he was.

Friday, August 21, 2009

beach fun

So....last summer I went to Rigby Lake. There was sand & dirt everywhere and I didn't enjoy myself so I've hesitated to return...I'm so glad I did.

They've made huge improvements, now charge a small fee to enter, & it was a GREAT experience. I wish I had made this realization earlier in the summer because I think we would have made a lot more trips.

The boys had so much fun & Jaden fear of water is pretty much gone. NOW I can finally put him in swim lessons....yay!!!! Sand castles & swimming made for some really happy boys. Thanks Jenna & kids for joining us for all the fun. We definately need to do it again before the summer is gone.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday my friend and I created homeade yogurt. Something healthy for the belly & something my kids LOVE. This fat free, sugar-free, honey flavored yogurt just makes me feel GOOD.

Now I should mention that I didn't really help create it as Jaden corrected me this morning...I asked him if he liked the yogurt that Jenn and I made, Jaden said "mom, Jenn made it while we went to Will's house." That in fact was a true statement although I did make it to Jenn's to watch her stir the yogurt. That's a contribution of some sort:)

Topped with homeade, low fat, sugar-free granola & blueberries my kids couldn't eat enough this morning.

AND here is a favorite sight of mine. My two boys enjoying each others company.

AND meet Jaden...the worm. Jaden so happily named him after himself. Jaden & Landon made a sandcastle so he's have a home. Aren't my boys so thoughtful???

Monday, August 17, 2009

how the TIME flies!!!!

This little cutie turned 18 months this month. He's turned into a stubborn little guy & I definately give into his demands...he's too cute not to.

He loves to play in the sand box & my car, push buttons, turn on light switches, remove batteries out of remotes, drag food all over the house, open doors, climb up & down the stairs (with the help of the railings of course) & find creative forms of entertainments AND he LOVES to eat...although he's starting to spit out the veggies...darn!!! He used to eat anything.

He has also makes LOTS of loud noises & most of the time they are squels of delight!

I love you Landon!!!! You are a blessing in our home!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today at the park I was snapping pictures of the kids....I was tired & looked on the ground to see my shadow. It then brought to my mind that sometimes we do feel like a shadow & that our needs come after everyone elses.

To go backwards our summer has been busy but SO fun! August had really slowed down & it's actually been a sad realization for me to know that summer is coming to an end. This week as I've cleaned up, entertained, & taken care of all the daily activities that must be attended to I wasn't too excited to realize how many more floors I would scrub in my life time, toilets I'd clean, food I'd cook, you get the point. It easy to forget about those things when you are out playing & spending little time at home. Probably where my greatest challenge at this time is my "momma's boys". It was a "momma's boy" but Jaden has decided that he too needs mom with him ALL the time. If I leave he goes hysterical...he's fine if he knows I'm at home but if he thinks I'm leaving he's an unhappy boy.
To top it all off, I'm trying to lose weight. It's an endless battle...again my battle seems to take a backseat to my boys needs since Landon refuses to go to the gyms daycare. Today, I tried to combine excercise with fun by riding my bike to the park...I was so tempted half way through to stop at the school playground since it was so much closer & my tired state REALLY wanted to stop. Yesterday after weighing myself; first time in two months & I was disappointed to realize that I've only lost 2 pounds...that 2 pounds in TWO months. Sigh....So I've decided that FAT should be beautiful & HEALTHY too. I just need to change the way that doctors think & then I don't have to feel guilty for the yummy brownie I enjoyed last night.

So now, Landons in bed, Jaden's playing by himself, and I'm taking a moment for myself to eat a yummy green salad that my friend made.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I sCreAm

You scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM.

Don't ya think my boys are loving their ice cream despite brain freezes...they just kept on eating.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

{sunny fun day}

oh the fun at the spray park...Jaden no longer scared...good friends....carousel rides...beautiful running away...what could be better?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My boys are just the cutest

These boys make me smile everyday by the cute things they do.

Jaden decided on Wednesday that he was going to have a campout this weekend & he planned it all himself. He informed me that we were going to setup the tent & that him & daddy were going to be sleeping in it. He also told me that he was going to roast hot dogs & marshmellows on the grill & that I needed to borrow the hot dog sticks from grandma. Yesterday he told me he needed to call he did & he informed her that she was invited & let her know all the plans. So Gracie & Easton came to join Jaden's fun & they had a lot of fun roasting their hot dogs on the BBQ. After they left at 7pm I took Jaden shopping for some clothes before he starts pre-school again. It was fun just to have me & Jaden time....we were out until almost 10pm. Landon's a little sick & didn't enjoy the campout as much as everyone else.