Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh What FUN!!!!

I wish I could say the entire weekend was a lot of fun but Saturday consisted of creating a garden space. For some this would be an easy task but we had a lot of landscraping to remove to make this happen. This will be a seperate post when we are finished...I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow:)

On Sunday after church we went to my parents home for dinner. This is the first time that I've spent memorial weekend with my parents since I've been married. We enjoyed dinner with family members while my dad (grandpa) loaded all the kids onto the 4-wheeler for a ride. The kids were in heaven.

Afterwards we went to the cemetary to visit family graves. This is the first time that I've ever been with my grandma & I loved it. She shared stories of ancestors & memories that she had. Some of the family graves were over 100 years old. We also went & visited my grandpa's grave...very sad since this is the first memorial day he wasn't with us. I miss that man!!! I can't wait until my children are old enough to hear & remember the stories I share with them about him & others.

Today was all play. My dad took Chris, Matt, Jaden, & Gracie golfing & to lunch. Jaden enjoyed himself & Chris said he wasn't too bad. What a cute golfer!!!

After we met up with them to go to the spray park & carousel. Jaden is still scared & was really in need of a nap while Landon couldn't have had a better time. Usually it's the other way around but it's fun seeing Landon start to have more fun! Landon wanted to explore & explore some more.

At the end of today I'm pooped! I loved accomplishing so much on Saturday & spending time with family on Sunday & today playing.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally....a Beautiful day!!!

We finally are getting some beautiful weather & decided that we'd head to lava hot springs. They opened their water slides on Friday + plus the fact that the weather was in the 70's (hopefully it will get even better)= a fun saturday.

There were some parts that weren't as fun since Chris has the flu but still really wanted to go & a very cranky Landon because of a missed nap BUT they left early & then it was less stressful & so much fun. We came home with Jenna & Matt.

Jaden used to love swimming but when last summer became very scared of the water. That also made it a little stressful & not as much fun until he discovered his love of the water slide. We went on that thing so many times that my calf muscles got a really nice workout. I really wish I could have gotten pictures of his smile. They have some really fast slides so I had to encourage him to go on the slowest one the whole time but it still went fast & we both just giggled. I love the water too.

Afterwards we soaked in the hot springs. Too hot for me but it was such a relaxing environment that I decided that Chris & I need to go for a date night there just to relax.

I'm crossing my fingers for some more really nice weather...maybe over memorial weekend. That would be fun:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Only a fence away...

A couple of months ago a family moved into the home right behind us. We share a fence. Shortly after they moved in we met little Emily who is Jaden's age. Ever since they've moved in Jaden & Emily rarely have had a day they haven't played together. In fact Emily was sick two days ago & I would not let her come close to my kids (Landon has caught everything this past month) for fear that Landon would continue to be sick (currently has an ear infection.) So yesterday they played through the fence sharing toys, food, whatever you can do through a fence. Well today it BLEW again...we are having the most severe winds so we decided to let the kids play at Artic Circle. Gracie came with us too & they ran & played. Landon porked out, I couldn't believe how much he ate. He was content eating everyones leftovers while everyone else played. Jaden, Gracie, & Emily even went and got their own ice cream cone while Jenn & I weren't paying attention. It was kind of cute. I should also mention that Jaden absolutely adores little Griffin. He always wants to hug & touch him. I'm not sure I've seen Jaden get so cuddly with another baby like he does with Griffin. We are so grateful that such a GREAT family moved next to us & that I don't have to worry when Jaden climbs under the fence (sad but true.) I'm sure their will be many more posts about Emily since she's becoming such a presence in our home:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Weekend~!

Jaden has been excited for this weekend to come because he got to go on the Fathers & Sons outing with Chris. He kept talking about sleeping in a tent & roasting marshmellows....BTW, we aren't campers & this is the first time he's ever done anything like this.

Yesterday Chris got home & away they went. Jaden was obsessed with the FIRE...I should probably be a little worried. Jaden's little buddy Jordan was there (Jordans mom said Jordan asked all week if Jaden was going to be there) & they ran & played. They roasted mashmellows & hotdogs, they got to throw wood in the fire, Chris said Jaden was in heaven. At 3am Jaden refused to stay in his sleeping bag & was frozen when he informed Chris that he wanted mommy. Even though they cut the camping trip short Jaden has informed Chris that he'd like to go again. Chris agreed to camp in the backyard next weekend.

Today was Mothers Day! I am fortunate to live by my amazing mom & got to spend this afternoon with her. She is as close to PERFECT as you can get & I'm so grateful for her example...I have so much to live up to.

Of course my boys are on my mind today too. I love them & am so grateful to be their mom. Today Jaden made me smile when I stared at him & though how truely handsome he was. Landon made me smile when he flashed his adorable dimples my way. I love those things. I'm grateful that even just the simple things that these boys do make me so happy.

I'm crazy to post this self picture of me (took it while I was working on the computer)...I really wanted a picture of me and my boys & made this realization after they were tucked in bed. This is my 3rd mothers day & wanted a picture to mark the occassion. The problem is it's the end of the day & I really need makeup, my hair done, a sun tan, you name it...I need a lot. BUT then is reminded me that this is what being a mother is. I often need to redo my makeup & hair, I look tired, I'm frazzled but in the end...these boys are WORTH it and what I look like doesn't matter. I should mention I do put some effort in when Chris is home since he's only home for a couple of days.

So to all mothers, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

like father like son

When Jaden was a baby Chris would push him in his swing & pretend that Jaden was kicking him. Today, Jaden does the same thing with his little brother Landon. So Cute!!!

Landon's CRAZY laugh has now left him with a frog in his throat.

Friday, May 1, 2009

what makes me SMILE....

a little brother that is discovering the wonder of his big brothers toy...ah!