Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Celebrations plus a little teeth cleaning

Usually Jaden has went to my dentist to get his teeth cleaned but since Landon is now the age of 3 & I have two to take to the dentist I decided it was time to take them to a kids dentist. I have to say that more playing went on then teeth cleaning. Since it was Landons first visit they did a "Happy Visit" which consisted of looking at his teeth for about 1 minute....I hope his teeth are really ok. Even though he was supposed to be happy he cried. Jaden is used to the drill, hopped onto the table, made his requests, & couldn't have been happier. Since they are a kids dentist there were video games, a movie theatre, car racing track, & a big thomas the train set (Landon's favorite.) After I saw how much they loved all the dentist extras I may just be tempted to sneak them back another day just to play:):):)

Ever year we take the kids to the tautphaus park easter egg hunt & we couldn't miss this year. We also added Gracie & Easton to our family:) They were in different groups so Chris & I separated so that all the kids could go at the same time. They all did very well but it was a little crazy & Jaden ended up getting separated from everyone. The smart kid went to the car & waited for us. Whew!!!
All last week I really made an effort to help my kids understand the REAL reason we celebrate Easter. There's so many fun activities BUT that's the fluff & I wanted to make sure Jaden knew the difference. So daily I'd quiz him on why we celebrated Easter and to help both boys have an even better understanding we chose to do their Easter baskets on Saturday vs Sunday so that they knew Sunday was the day to think about our Savior and the true meaning of Easter. So after the Easter Egg Hunt we came home & surprised the boys with a trampoline and their baskets. It was such a beautiful afternoon & everyone was in such good spirits!

Both boys were so happy & pleasant Easter Sunday. Our home had such a nice, restful feeling before church and I didn't regret doing all the activities prior to actual Easter. Plus, Chris is gone to meetings on Sundays so we were able to include him on all the fun on Saturday. After Church we enjoyed a big family dinner & a small Easter egg hunt BUT not before the kids could tell grandpa why we celebrate Easter...good thing I'd been prepping my boys all week:)


Are you sick of these....I kind of am:) It's time to get them out of my belly! Last Thursday the Nurse was going to schedule me for this Friday. Because I had some concerns about being induced I asked her if I could wait until my Monday appointment to talk to my OBGYN about risks or whether it'd need to be a c-section. Assuming that it was a go on Friday either way...I just didn't know how it'd go I told everyone I was having them this Friday.

On Monday when I went in my OBGYN wants to do it this coming Monday. I'm dilated to a 3 and they may come before then but that is the scheduled date & so far it looks like I can deliver them and that is the plan. In addition on my ultrasound the tech picked up hair on both girls....both boys had a good amount of hair so I was very hopeful that my girls wouldn't be bald:) Here's crossing my fingers for the beautiful dark hair that both my boys had a babies. It's kind of strange that they are both blondes now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Boys!!!!!

After a funny morning of listening to my boys talking I decided I needed to document it.

When we first got bunk beds over a year ago it was a treat for Jaden to sleep on the top bunk...he had to earn the privilege so you can imagine my surprise when we moved the boys together & Jaden no longer cared to sleep on the top bunk; it was a little bit of a problem. After we'd put the boys to bed Jaden would sneak to the floor & Chris would have to lift him to the top bunk. Jaden doesn't always communicate his feeling & frustrations well & finally I sat him down & asked him why he didn't want to sleep on his bed. Prior to this his excuses were so silly but this time he finally opened up & told me he was scared the top bed would fall off and crash to the floor...I could tell this was truly a fear of his. Of course I want my children to feel safe so I immediately went to work taking the two beds apart, moving furniture & pictures so that there would now be two beds in a bedroom that was already so small. This was two days ago & Jaden is waking up so much happier & perkier & both boys are seeming to enjoy the new bed arrangement.

So for the last two mornings Jaden has woken up early & popped into bed with me. This morning (this was 5 minutes before I was waking up) he came & we had a sweet little talk. I asked him if he was ready for me to have these babies. His honest reply was "mom, I don't want you to have them because I won't get to spend time with you". I thought he thought I was going to have them right now and I told him I meant more like next week. He still was worried and I reassured him I'd always make time for him and that he was a great big brother.

With the big brother responsibility I've been really trying to teach him to help around the house & I reminded him that when Landon woke up he needed to clean his room, make his bed (this is a new responsibility since it was two high for him to make before), and get dressed. He told me he'd be very quiet and set to work.

Yesterday Jaden suddenly took an interest in reading. He's so funny & decides to take interest in things on his own time. After reading lots of books last night he kept telling me which kind I needed to buy so he could read better (I already forgot the name but I'll have to ask him again so I can purchase him some).

So this morning I could hear him cleaning and all the sudden I heard him talking to Landon who had just woke up. His words were something like this..."Landon, I'm going to read lots of books to you. How about I teach you to read also." Then I heard him sit on Landon's bed and start having him repeat words like "I, am, the, little, robot, ect" and pointing to them in the book. I could hear Landon repeating each word carefully. It was so cute & tender! As an added bonus I heard him say "Landon, I'll show you how to make your bed." and I could hear them working together. Their blankets are turned the wrong direction & they certainly aren't show room perfect but I couldn't help smile when I saw both their beds.

When I saw Jaden's outfit I noticed his shirt was getting to be a belly shirt. Both my boys are getting SOOOOO tall and I encouraged Jaden to go and change it because it was getting small. He insisted it fit just fine because it wasn't tight. True but when he moves his arms his belly button pokes out. Deciding not to pick a battle about it I told him that this was the last time he could wear the shirt....I feel bad for his classmates today that will get a couple of belly button views:):):)

When Jaden is happy & helpful it is so wonderful! I wish I could keep this attitude around at all times. He isn't really a messy kid but Landon is and he's been good to help me pick up all the toys on the floor since it's getting harder for me to clean them.

Last week I took the boys to the store to pick out an easter egg kit. Every day Landon would bring it to me so that we could make eggs. Finally last night we pulled it out & the boys got to work. With this kit you put the eggs in a bag, drop different colors of die, swish it around, take the egg out & sprinkle with glitter. They had so much fun with their different color creations. Jaden has become very protective of the eggs since Landon has broken a couple.


When I meet with the perinatologists out of Utah it's usually a different doctor every time so I'm never sure what they'll suggest. I do get the feeling they are careful with their suggestions since everything has a risk.

On Monday my OBGYN seemed to think that I'll make it to 36 weeks which he said would be really good (that's next friday.)

Yesterday when I met with the perinatologist he mentioned a study done in Britain of monochorionic twins (shared placenta). The study suggested that past 36 weeks there is a higher still born rate. A different perinatologist mentioned this to me about a month ago. He said that at 36 weeks their could be respiratory problems. I think he wanted to educate me to make the decision on when to have these babies. He said he'd make a note to my obgyn so that on Monday we could discuss and make a decision.

Chris has been out of town the last couple of days & flights into Idaho Falls aren't plentiful so I've been really careful not to do too much so that I won't have contractions. I've had small ones for a while but nothing that would put me into labor. I really would like to not have to be induced or have a c-section but he gets home today so I'm going to weed my many flower gardens (I may only get one done) and start getting my body to think about having these babies. I was at a 1 on monday...with my boys that didn't happen until about 40 weeks (my body holds onto babies:):):)).

So in my estimate I'll have these babies by next Friday at 36 weeks or if I come earlier on my own. I think on Monday my OBGYN and I will have a plan.

This picture is me at 34 1/2 weeks. I hesitate to post because I've put on 45 lbs & it was the end of the day...I look TIRED! Everyone tells me I haven't put on weight in my face but looking at this picture I completely disagree or maybe I'll blame it on the angle. I know at some point in life I'll want to see a picture of me with twins so I thought I better take one. I may take it down in humiliation:):):)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I love to be efficient with my time. As a matter of fact I love to see if I can find a more efficient way to do something that I already figured out the most efficient way to do it. That said....I realized this twin thing is another way to be efficient in the long run. One pregnancy results in two children, they'll be on the same schedule (yes, for the moment it'll be crazy but in the long run if you think about it, I'll be saving time), just to name a few!

I've always wanted twins but NEVER thought they'd be in my future. In addition to this I wanted them to be girls & identical. Obviously we don't pray for "wishes" because that's what they are. This journey for me has been crazy & overwelming as I've realized my wish has come true. The week before I found out I was having twins I teased Chris that I was going to find out next week that we were having twins....again, I never expected it to really happen. Chris responded "Kimri, to be honest, I really don't want twins". He's since changed his mind:):):) When I found out and was blabbing to my doctor in complete shock I told him how much I wanted twins & how Chris didn't & his response was "you know who the lords listening too." hehehe, I now hold that over Chris's head since he was scared to have girls & hoped they'd be boys & how he didn't want them to be identical since he was worried about them having their own identity!

Jenna (my sister's) husbands mom is an identical twin & I always thought she'd get the twins I always wanted. Since I've studied more about twins I realize that identical are not genetic & a complete fluke! WOW!!!!! Heavenly father is in complete control!

Now all my excitement aside, I'm getting extremely scared. Yes, I wanted this but can I handle this. With everyone of my childrens births I felts overwelmed right before they were born. I know the countdown is on & that I have very little time before these girls join our family. It hit me last night & I've realized I need to pack my bag & make the arrangements to be away from my boys. I wish I had a crystal ball to know what day & how it'll go. Both girls are currently head down & although I've tried to be open-minded about how they'll have to be delivered I'm getting excited at the possibility of not having to have a c-section and getting to deliver them.

Before the shower below I had another baby shower that was a complete surprise so I have no pictures to share but it was amazing, the food, the decorations, the generous gifts...all of it!

This shower was full of family & friends & hosted by Jenna & my mom. It was fun to see everyone...some I haven't seen in a while. These girls were definately spoiled & I appreciate everything everyone has given. I really felt silly on my third pregnancy to be so spoiled but it was fun too! And I should mention we've gotten fun packages from friends in Washington too and some of those packages have included something for the boys...so thoughtful!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break!

This week really should have been called Winter Break since it snowed on Monday. Since I really can't travel at this point we were home bound. Before the week began I crossed my fingers for beautiful weather so our days could be full of parks & picnics BUT the weather played a different role & we tried to find an activity to go out and do each day. Sometimes it was something as simple as McDonalds & Pizza Hut but we did do a couple of things this week that were fun.

On Thursdays a gymnastics place here in town has a two-hour open gym that you can take the kids to. Unfortunately, during a regular week the time is right when I pick up Jaden from school and during Landon's speech so it was a treat for the boys to get to go this week. I really thought it'd be an activity for Landon since he does tricks & somersaults all day long but Jaden thought it was the greatest thing & keeps begging to go back. If it didn't end after two hours I know they would have stayed all day. On Saturday Chris had to work at the dealership so during Saturday conference the boys and I went to the fish hatchery with grandma & grandpa at Henry's Lake. They are spawning right now so there were lots of fish. They had a fountain that sprayed water up & the fish loved to jump into it. Jaden couldn't stop laughing at the fish jumping into the air. Afterwards we were treated to hard ice cream...my favorite!!!!! During priesthood we met my old college roommate and her two kids for dinner. Usually I don't do the whole sit-down-dinner thing with my kids but rather opt for place with play lands so that they can go get their wiggles out while I sit back and eat. Jaden doesn't play with girls as much anymore but really enjoyed her little girl Ella (she's two days older then Landon). He and her had fork wars...probably a little unfair for Ella. Landon does what Jaden does & decided he too needed a fork war with Ella. This was more of an equal match:) This would be one of the many reasons that we don't eat at restaurants with the kids. They got a balloon when we were done eating! Although my boys can be wild it was still fun. It's kind of hard to get back on a schedule next week but it's good too! One of the special privileges Jaden got this week was to sleep in the basement and watch movies each night. This is usually reserved for Friday night ONLY so that was probably his favorite part of the week...it's nice when some of the simplest things are a treat.