Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hitting the Slopes

Chris told me yesterday that I've become soft. That sounds like he meant my body (it's true) but he meant my ability to tolerate cold!

Growing up in Idaho you'd think I could tolerate it great but my brief absense made me realize that I don't like to be cold. Thus....I took forever to return to the ski hills. Still not sure it's something I'll do often. Those of you that ski...isn't the drive home the worst????

Yesterday I finally took Jaden. First off, it was so good to spend one on one time with him. Our conversation in the car was so fun; he's a character. He was so excited!!! Jaden doesn't like the cold either so a small part of me hoped he didn't want to go. We decided just to do the bunny hill. I was too nervous to take him on anything else and he never let go of my hand and I told him we couldn't go on the big hills unless he let go of my hand. The rope tow was an adventure & Jaden tried SO hard to do it by himself but just couldn't. I had to end up pulling both of us up the hill (my arms, back, shoulders, were dieing). We only skiied for about 2 hours because I couldn't pull us up the rope tow one more time. We also did lunch and watched the skiiers on the hill. He was such a perfect little date. When it was time to go I told him he could get a treat for the car ride home. He insisted on doing it himself and told me I had to stay by the stairs. I had to peak in on him & he was so cute with the cashier.

Needless to say I came hom freezing & needed a HOT shower! I think we'll attempt this one more time before the season ends & maybe one day he can be my skiing buddy on the big slopes!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh, the fun we have!

This post is full of random activities we've been up to....I love catching up!

Jaden has been playing basketball & it has been my favorite sport to watch this far. He enjoys himself & it's so fun to watch him shoot the ball, run with the ball (they don't dribble), & pass the ball. He's really been a good sport. I also have enjoyed the parents & Jaden loves his team mates....I think we'll be keeping in contact. Before his first game we let Jaden pick out shorts and of course he found some green ones (I tried to push him in a different direction). Two more games to go!

We've had a lot of snow! Sometimes we get a little stir crazy because it's cold & we don't always enjoy playing outside. One day we decided to do a little coloring...of snow that is! Definately a fun activity that we'll do again. We invited over a few friends. Only downside, I couldn't keep up with them. I'd refill a bottle & there be another child waiting.

And this boy Landon. Love him to pieces!!!! I'm so happy we went & celebrated his birthday. We went to Green Canyon and it was a BLAST! My aunt Shawna & her kids were up from Utah & joined us for the fun. We roasted hot dogs, ate cake (which I totally made myself), opened presents, and then enjoyed the WARM water. It was so relaxing & the boys had so much fun swimming. I can't believe he's 2! He is still my snuggler and my little side kick. I know he'll grow so much this next year and I'm so grateful (most the time) that we are so close.

Today we had a "HEART" filled day! We enjoyed heart shaped whole wheat pancakes w/ strawberries for breakfast. For v-day I made the boys a tent for the bunk bed. I was inspired from the many times I have to make one with blankets tucked in. It wasn't a pretty sight & would easily come down. I created loops to hang around the bars at the top & it works perfect. For dinner we made mini-heart pizzas. YUMMY and easy! It made for a simple v-day but relaxing...we snuck in naps too!!!

Now off to spend the rest of the evening with Chris!!!! Kids are in bed...YIPPEE!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feeling the (LOVE)

Tonight Chris and I went to the temple. I've have been thinking of ideas for months (Idaho doesn't always have a lot to offer) of what we should do for our V-day date and in the end decided that's where we needed to go. Such a needed evening...Chris is picking up our dinner now to finish off the night. I LOVE our date nights and I LOVE my hubby!

Before we left to the temple I asked Jaden if he'd take a picture of us for our date. Jaden was cracking me up. He first had to put the camera strap on and then kept positioning us. Here he told us to kiss.
Then he told me to take a picture of him and dad.

We finally had to tell him no more pictures!

This picture I have to include because I LOVE it. The other day Gracie & Easton we over. You know those moments when you hearts just swells...this was one of those. I don't know why but I LOVED seeing all of them eating together even though moments before I was angry at the mess they made. I LOVE all these little buggers!

Here's the boys wishing you all to have a great Valentines Day! Hopefully you can spend the day with those you LOVE.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to the SWEETEST boy!

Today is Landon's 2nd Birthday. How time flies.

We plan to celebrate on Saturday but today he woke up a little grouchy and I wanted him to have a special I gave in & gave him one of his presents.

Unfortunately for Landon, be the 2nd boy in a row means a lot of his toys are hand-me-downs. In fact, one of his presents is just that. I was trying to think of what to get him since we really do have all his needs met with hand-me-downs and it occurred to me that we needed to get him a life jacket. Only problem, Jaden needed a new one (bigger one) and Jaden's fit Landon perfectly. So, case in point...Jaden somehow gets a present on Landon's b-day:):):)

So as I've racked my brain for the perfect present for Landon I remembered Landon's love of music. Landon sings throughout the day and it reminded me of a CD I got for Jaden when he was little. It's a personalized Name CD and all the songs incorporate the childs name. So that's the present I had to give to Landon today plus we purchased him his own CD player so he can have the bedtime song (with his name in it) when he goes to bed.

Here's Landon playing his songs!!!! I love this little boy and I love that he loves music!