Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun run and more....

Oh how life gets so busy.  Thankfully I feel like we are overall busy with good things and I'm always happy when I feel like we are surviving and not drowning. 

My little business is doing awesome.  If you haven't been to my blog go here but I definately do a lot more updates on facebook here

Today in church was Ward Conference and one thing that I really liked that our stake president said was the he schedules everything...his scripture study, temple visits, time with his wife, ect and then he always does them and it's habit.  I liked that thought because I do think if we schedule the BIG things and the LITTLE things that we can make it work.

I feel like we as a family have settled into some schedules that have made life a little simpler.  We have unknowns that sometimes throw it off but I'm so happy when I feel like I am top of most things.  I even have laundry days and date night scheduled. I do think I need to schedule the VERY BEST things too!

Here's some family fun we'd had these past two weeks. 

These little cuties love Sams Clubs cart...perfect for two little ones!

Tonight we also introduced a bubble bath.  It was so fun to watch them explore.  They eventually decided dipping their faces in the bubbles was the most fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I felt like our Easter was low key and simple and it felt just right. 

We love doing the annual Easter Egg Hunt as Tautphaus Park. 

Starting least year we decided that we'd do Easter Baskets on Saturday.  We felt like they were too distracting for our kids and wanted them to focus on the real meaning of Easter on Sunday.  On Saturday afternoon while they were setting up the tramp the easter bunny visited their bedroom.  I use their baskets as a good time of year to add things I want them to have since they can't ask the Easter Bunny for what they want:).  The boys got scooters, fishing poles, sunday vest, spring outfits, sunglasses, and misc. goodies!    Landon is sooooo excited to go fishing with Grandpa!

The girls got dresses, easter bunny ears, and sunglasses.  I forgot to have them wear their ears so those will be re-gifted for their baskets next year:)

On Easter Morning they dressed up in their Easter Best and we flew through some pictures and hurried to church.  Early morning church getting 4 kids ready by myself is a little exhausting but it kept me from worrying about the talk I had to give and we made it and survived!

Then after church we went to my camera battery died.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner and a scavenger/easter egg hunt!  It was a fun and beautiful evening!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eleven Months

I'm in shock that I'm only a month away to having two- one year olds.  It's crazy how fast time flies!

As each month goes the gap in abilities and weight keeps widening.  Eliza is so determined to do everything and isn't afraid of anything.  She's pulling up onto everything (including the side of the tub...totally frightening) and has started crawling stairs.  She can stand up by herself for a couple of seconds and has cut two new teeth.  She pulls open drawers and her favorite thing is to get into the dishwasher and pull all the dirty dishes out (maybe this mama needs to be better about closing it).

Alisha is such a sweet little girl and she loves me to hold her while she's standing up (I'm sitting).  She seriously coos and it melts my heart.  She has developed the biggest grin this last month and her personality is getting louder.  She can pull up on things too but is always hestitant and very careful. She loves to stand but with help.  She still only has two teeth while Eli has 4.  Alisha is really good at opening doors if it's only opened a crack so we have cracked down on closing all doors. 

My boys were later walkers and I kind of think that neither girl will walk before 1 but if I was to decide who might, my money is on Eli.  I was informed today that there is a forum of mothers with children that had two vessel umbilical cords swear that they are delayed by a couple of months because of it....this was brought up since both girls still army crawl; they can crawl normal and I catch them doing it sometimes but they can shimmy so fast on their tummies and will probably never change.

This month they weren't as cranky and a lot more smiley!  They are both becoming mommies girls though (Landon still is a mamas boy) and they are getting jealous when mommy gives attention to the other.  They both will start saying "mama" at the top of their lungs! 

and if you think they have adorable headband, go here to find out how to get one yourself.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

and the secret is.....

My girls have inspired me to start a business.  This all started formulating a couple of months ago and is just now coming together but has a long ways to go too!

As I looked for cute products for the girls I found most prices over the top and then when I would double that it was really a budget breaker.

I found suppliers that would offer me discounts by buying in large bulk that has allowed me to price all products for anyones budget and I'm so excited about what I already have there and the MANY items I still have coming (what's in the store is only a drop in the bucket and I wanted to wait until I had almost everything but obviously I'm not a secret keeper).

So I want to introduce AE Boutique.

For features on products and to find out how to enter a $40 drawing go to my blog.  As my new products arrive I'll add them to the blog so be sure to follow it!

For make purchases go to

BUT I'm not just offering products for girls.  I have a few items coming for boys (because I love mine so much) and for woman too!  So you must keep checking!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Months ago I wanted to make sure we did something fun for spring break but that can be really difficult with four small children and isn't worth it.

We would have loved to have went and visited friends and family in Washington but Chris couldn't take a full week off work and knew we'd have to break up the drive so we decided we'd make an offer to Chris's mom.  If you want, we'll do spring break half way so you can meet us.  We let her choose between Couer d'alane or Boise.  She said Couer d' alane so we began our plans for that location.

We literally squished an entire week of fun into half a week and we had no regrets.  We played for two solid days at "Triple Play".

We loved the indoor waterpark and went 4 different times. 

The girls had such a good time in the water.
Landon loved the wave pool!

We played minature golf 2 times.

We played lazer tag 2 times

Bowled 2 time was mini bowling....I won!!!! 

The boys did some rock climing.  Landon may have only made it one step before getting absolutely scared.  Jaden did awesome!

The boys also played arcade games and won prizes.

We ate lots of food!

On Saturday we went into Spokane.  We first went to the childrens museum.

Afterwards we went to River Front Park.  It was amazing and we hope to make that more of our trip next year because there was so much to do there.

Then we ended the day at Cabelas and swimming!

We were so exhausted but we had a wonderful week!