Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Old!

On Monday I got a year old and the girls got a month older.  I turned.....32....I hate to even acknowledge I'm that old.  Eliza is modeling my present...a new (used) piano.   I've never even thought about getting a piano and then a week before my birthday I told Chris that was what I wanted on the spur of the moment.  So far our whole family has enjoyed my birthday present:)
This past month Alisha has grown up so much.  She's gotten to be a much better sitter (not good enough that I let her model the piano).  She army crawls and loves to rock back n' forth on her knees and hands.  She has very good fine motor skills and can hold her own bottle, clap, and do lots of little things with her hands. 

 Eliza got her first tooth about a week ago.  She is started to crawl with a dominate side that sometimes flips her over as she goes towards her destination.  She cruises in her walker.  She is definately the better sleeper out of the two girls and seems to require more sleep then Alisha does.

 These girls are a lot of fun and love to explore one another.  There may be a little ear pulling, eye pocking, head resting on each other but they sure do love each other.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Other happenings during the break

 We went to leo's place.  The boys loves the food, climbing gym, and the games!

The girls experienced their first little ride ever.  These pictures were taken before we put the quarter in.  After that was a little crazy.  I may have yelled at Chris to grab a baby....I was holding onto them from the back and lets just say they almost flew out.  This ride may have to wait until they are two.

Alisha loves doing tricks with daddy!

Landon is now a sunbeam and not very happy about it.  He didn't want me to leave him but of course when I left he did just fine...the donut may have helped.

We've went swimming a couple time during the break and on Friday we had friends join us.  We've sure missed them:)