Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy 4 Years

Our Sweet Landon turned 4 this month and we needed to celebrate.  He's grown up so much this last year and made so much progress and I'm really looking forward to the progress he'll make this next year. 

He's a wonderful big brother and tries really hard to entertain and keep the girls happy. 

So to celebrate we.....

Went to IHOP on his actual birthday. He opened presents, enjoyed a smiley face pancake, and ate ice cream. It doesn't get easier then that for a mom.

Then for his birthday party we invited his little friends to a pool party.  After enjoying cake and presents they all went swimming.  Thank you friends for being part of his special day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A LOVEly day!

Our Valentines Day was simple but very nice and fun!  I have to say that I'm not a fan of the holiday falling mid-week because it puts a little damper on spending it with your least when you have lots of little kids:)
Our Valentines Day was enhanced with these little cuties this year...if you look close, you can see their heart-shaped hair bows.

This year I did our Valentines Gifts a little different.  Chris and I usually do gifts for each other and gets the kids a little something special.  BUT for months I've been having very strong feelings that I needed to get our 72 hour kits put together.  I wanted to do it for Christmas but time really didn't permit so I set the goal that this would be our valentines day presents.  In my opinion there was not a better way to show that you love someone then to keep them safe and protected so thus months of work began. 

I put together very extensive backpacks for our everyone in our family with no expenses spared.  I hope that these feelings don't mean that we'll need to actually use them but I wanted to make sure that we'd have everything we'd need....including a small stove, 3 tube tents, emergency blankets and warm fuzzy blankets in each backpack, radiation pills, emergency radio and a source of power....just to name a few. 

For FHE on Monday we were going to go over emergency procedures with the kids but it got put to the backburner when all of us made the most beautiful long-stemmed, huge, chocolate covered strawberries for a bunch of the doctors Chris visits.  We (as in mostly me, the kids lasted about 10 minutes and I was at it for about 3 hours) made 8 varieties and packaged them beautifuly!  I always am excited to start these projects and half way through am angry we didn't just go and buy the finished product.  May Chris's commissions increase with this gesture:)

On Valentines Day we did a simple dinner that I'll probably do from here on forward because it was easy and fun.  We did heart-shaped pizza, green salad in a heart-shaped bowl, heart shaped ice cream sandwiches, and pink lemonade. 

Before we put the kids to bed  we talked about what we loved about each other. 

After the kids went to bed it was Chris and my time...I love after the kids go to bed:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

where did january go?????

I wish I could reflect back on this last month and figure out what we were up too but it went by too quick.  If I actually taken some pictures that sometimes helps me to recall events but I didn't do that either:)

So some of the simple things I can recall.....

Landon constantly told me he was too tired to do anything: preschool, wake up in the morning, clean up, eat dinner, you name it!  I actually believe him though.  I think he's going through a growth spurt and he really is very tired.  He's getting SO tall and easily can pass for a year older then he really is.  Landon also got to play with grandpa a couple times this past month and when I'd tell him grandpa was coming Landon would say "tickle monsters coming."  Needless to say I think tickle monsters efforts were to wear out Landon but unfortunately I saw a lot of Landon treating grandpa as a trampoline and wearing him out. 

Jaden is doing awesome in school and I love to hear about his days.  Him and I love to play games together and I'm so grateful he's advanced from games like "candy land" because I wasn't always a very willing participate.  Our favorite game to play together at the moment is "blokus jr."  I'm so glad he's finally getting into games we both can enjoy.  Last year I worked in Jaden's classroom for 1/2 a week and really did not enjoy it.  I don't know what is different about this year and I was a little worried when she told me she'd need me for 1 1/2 hours a week but I really enjoy going.  I feel like I know all the children in the classroom really well and I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of what is going on at school.  Unfortunately the teacher has decided to no longer do "daily 5" where I volunteered so next week is my last week to go there.  I'm a little sad but it does simplify my life so I guess it's a trade-off.

Yesterday the girls turned 9 months.  Everyone told me this is the point it gets easier but I felt with each month they've gotten harder and crankier.  They each now have two teeth and I think the teeth have been a cause of some of their crankiness.  The both LOVE to go out and on the morning we don't go to the gym they are usually unhappy!  They love the daycare and the other day when I went to pick them up Eli was surrounded by 5 little girls who were probably about 2 1/2 and the were all playing with her.  She was beaming. When the girls saw me they told me they were babysitting my baby.  I'm not sure if it's the twin factor or the fact they are girls but they get much more attention then the boys ever did and I think that is why they love to go to the gym daycare.  They are entertained by sweet little girls the whole time and they love to crawl around and explore all the toys.

Here's some cute pics of these cute little girls that are getting into everything...Alisha decided to eat a sheet of stamps yesterday that she pulled out of a closed drawer. I scolded her telling her it was like eating money. I'm sure I got through to her:) Let the child proofing begin!