Monday, December 31, 2012

Old Year-New Blog

We had fun plans to send out the old year as a little family. My kids love Leo's Place and that's where we headed tonight. At the cash register we went to pay for our "Family Package" when sweet little Eli started throwing up. Thankfully my hands came to the rescue and caught most of it and a quick cashier grabbed a cup to get the rest. So home the girls and I went.

The boys got to stay and celebrate in the way that they love, jungle gyms, and arcade games and just arrived home and are playing "Just Dance" in the basement.

As I ponder what I want in the new year I always struggle to come up with resolutions. I always have weight loss on there (not very successful at it) but this year I want to add a timetable for finishing the book of mormon and I always have simplify on there.

In an effort to simplify I'm converting my blog to this address .   I've gotten so sloppy on my pages I post on my blog and I don't have the desire to spend more time doing them. This will allow me to post the pages I create on Shutterfly's premade formats and I think I'll be much happier with them and it allows me to do two things at once. I hope you join me at my new blog and hopefully we have some new and amazing adventures in 2013. I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Helpers

We finally recieved some snow and knew that we needed to let the girls go experience it.  We bundled them all up...they were all smiles....not fully sure what was going on.

We went out and shoveled our driveway and they loved touching and feeling and checking out the snow.  They were so cute!

Merry Christmas

I've lost one of my camera cards that had a bunch of Christmas pictures so I figured I better blog what I had before I lost these too!  How blessed our little family is and we are so grateful for our Savior.

Here's some of our fun we've had.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Best

As moms I'm sure we all envision the perfect holiday picture where everyone matches and is wearing a perfect smile.  That doesn't exist in my home!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Love these kids!!!

Each one of my children have such unique personalities and talents and I love them each for it.

My 7 year old, 2nd grader is full of life!!!!  Recently when I went to his parent teacher conference his teacher first words were "how do you do it."  Thankfully it was meant in a positive way but this kids mind never stops and it is exhausting.  He's always creating and inventing and has recently created his own cooking show that he has us upload to youtube.  He can be so loveable and sweet and we absolutely love it when he is.  He constantly amazes us with how smart he is and has started teaching himself fractions.  He likes to use the grocery store to learn division, for example he'll use a case of pop and the price to determine the case per can....we don't even buy cans of soda:).

My 4 year old, pre-schooler is so different then Jaden.  He is much more shy but has a very fun personality if you know him.  This is the kid we worry about although he's progressing so much each day.  As he nears kindergarten we are recognizing we need to make some deicisions for him and whether we should hold him back.  He's TALL and already looks like he should be in kindergarten.  We met with his pre-school teacher a couple of weeks ago and she doesn't think he'll be ready.

Landon has this ability to make adults fall in love with him.  Everyone lights up when they talk about him and I haven't met an adult that doesn't love this boy...they probably wouldn't tell me if they didn't like him:). 

We are starting to recognize that Landon may be VERY bright and that it's a communication issue for him.  We are in awe of some of the things Landon says and does and we hope and pray we can help him be able to share those talents with others. 

My older twin is such a little sweetheart. She is more timid, reserved, and needy.  She loves to cuddle and be held.  She likes to observe what others are doing and sometimes gets the courage to mimic their actions.  Last night she attempted jumping after seeing her 2 year old cousin doing it and it was so funny to see her efforts to leave the ground.  She giggled and giggled and had so much fun.

  This girl has won my heart.  She is a mini-me.  She tries to take care of things around the house and is very observant to where things go and what needs to be done.  I think I finally have my helper and as she gets older I can't wait for all the help I'm going to get around the house:).  She also is very tempermental and on a moments notice will throw a temper or start a high pitched howling.  She's got spunk and keeps us all laughing.  She's so good to help take care of Alisha unless Alisha has something she wants.

These two together are an absolute hoot!  They giggle over the silliest things.  They do fight over things but we try to have two of everything to hopefully prevent that.  They both are currently enjoying wearing their brothers shoes.  They think it's so funny....they especially love the boys boots.  In these pictures Eli had a black eye from a fall and thankfully our photographer said she could photoshop it out.  When she gave me the disk she informed me she can't tell who is who anymore;).  I think it's easy to tell them apart but almost no one else can. 

I'm so grateful for my children.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Peanut butter and honey

My little Landon is going through a peanut butter and honey phase.  He wants it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He's not a BIG eater until it comes to his PBH.  He wants them all day long.  He also refuses to eat crust so I feel like I'm making them all day long and cutting the crust off and if I miss a piece he isn't very happy with me.  Soooo....he now is making them himself.

He also had decide AGAIN he doesn't like to wear clothes. We got him over it but it's back:(

A couple times he's left the Peanut Butter close enough to the end of the counter and the girls have covered themselves in it.  Not a fun thing to wash off them.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gingerbread house or bust


I thought if I bought a kit the boys could put it together all by themself.  I learned that the homeade frosting I make sets up much faster.  As they each applied pressure to their house adding candy it slowly eroded away to piles of gingerbread:(

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Oh how time flies!!!!

I can't believe that Thanksgiving and come and gone.

We love that special day we get to spend with family and EAT! 

My kids love their cousins and begged their whole week off of school to get to play with them.  We slipped in play dates and a few sleepovers and it makes me happy to know they are making the same kind of memories I had growing up. 

Our thanksgiving was loaded with lots of family, made from scratch food (which is my favorite), eyeing black friday ads, skeet shooting, and craziness!

I don't like how all the black friday sales start on Thanksgiving now but it was sure nice to be home by 10pm.  I do most of my shopping online now so I go more tradition then anything...a bunch of us crazy ladies!

For all you local ladies if you need something to do on Saturday I am having an Open House at my home for my boutique and a couple of other local exciting!!!  10am-1pm.  This dress will be one of the items available for sale and we are EXCITED!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

New Ward!!!

This picture is out of order but it's the last activity that we had with our ward.

We have loved our ward and have been so grateful for the many wonderful friends we have made in it.  We also had the best bishop we could have ever asked for.  When they announced they were redoing all the wards except for 1 in our stake I was a little worried what that would mean.

What it meant was that our wonderful ward was cut in two and redistributed.  We are so sad to lose our wonderful Bishop and so many wonderful friends.  Chris also was released from the Bishopric since we are now in the NEW ward of the stake.  Because we are the new ward we are starting from scratch. 

I've shed some tears BUT I'm not bitter:).  I just truely will miss so many wonderful people.  I know we have a wonderful new bishop and I look forward to getting to know him and a lot of new people.

Fortunately we had two weeks after the change was announced and we got to enjoy Trunk Or Treat.  The girls hadn't been feeling well that day so Chris stayed home and I got to enjoy the evening with only 2 much easier. 

Jaden....and football

When it comes to stubborn, I've met my match with Jaden.

He's a tough one to get to do something he doesn't want to do.  Practicing his part for the primary program was impossible.  When I constantly told him he needed to practice it he'd refuse.  What made me finally shut my mouth was when he recited his part from last year....what a memory.  I figured if he read it once he probably knew it so I handed it to him and crossed my fingers he'd actually recite it from memory when he got up.  Fortunately he did but I was definately holding my breath.

Football was the same thing.  We stopped putting Jaden in sports because of the battle we'd have.  If it wasn't his idea, he wouldn't want to do it.  We were so sad as we drove by all the flag football teams playing at a school by our home and wished we had signed Jaden up.  A couple days later my friend texted me and said they needed another person on their team and wondered if Jaden wanted to do it but we only had until midnight to sign him up.  Chris put his foot down and told Jaden he was playing.

The first few practices and games were tough.  He'd fight us to go but slowly, even though he wouldn't admit it, I could tell her was really enjoying it.  He didn't always like to listen and one practice he was goofing off and the assistant coach turned to Jaden and said "did you hear one word I just said" and without missing a beat Jaden repeated word for word what he had just said.  IT'S EXHAUSTING!!!!

The last 3 games is when I saw Jaden finally understand the concept of how to play and he did awesome.  When he first started I wasn't sure if this would be a sport he was good at but towards the end it made me think we maybe should push him in this direction a little bit:). 

The best news of all....he's asked when he can sign up for soccer.  Not really a winter sport.  We are trying to talk him into basketball. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This is my cute Alisha swinging all by herself.  Although she hasn't been walking long (we are thrilled she's finally walking) she has mastered other things that have surprised us.  Her balance on the swing is amazing.  She's a great climber too!  She has great fine motor skills too!  We love this little sweetheart and it was fun to watch her swing for a long time when Eli lasted only a moment and moved onto about 10 other things:):):). 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!!!!

We love Birthdays around here so we always try to add something special in our busy lives!

Chris's birthday was yesterday but we surprised him on friday when he got home from work with a scavenger hunt.  At each stop he recieved a clue and something special as he continued on his journey.  At his last stop he was given one of his favorite meals and a clue on where to meet us for dinner.

All of us waited at the park to decorate.  I realized that instead of buying a happy birthday table cloth, I bought happy birthday we had to eat on a dirty table.  I also wasn't aware there is a helium balloon shortage but thankfully Jaden "grew" one at school and so graciously let us use it.

Chris was greeted with his favorite cake and got to enjoy his dinner while the kids ate pizza.  We also surprised him with his final present, a watch that he has been excitedly waiting for.

On his actual birthday him and Jaden went to the first ISU football game of the year!!!!
We hope you had a wonderful day!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School

What a difference a year makes....even for me!!!!
Usually I'm a little nervous for my kids to go back to school, to the unknowns that are before them.  This year we all seemed like old pro's and we just hopped back in the routine.
Before we began, we had a back to school dinner.  We wanted to set the tone of the year with some ABC's (which I stole from someone else).  They are
Always try your Hardest
Be kind to everyone
Count your blessings
Both boys also got a flashlight to remind them to "let their lights shine". 

Jaden started school this last Tuesday.  We rode our bikes with him and once we got to school the girls started screaming and trying to get out of the bike trailer.  I felt bad but we didn't stay with Jaden while he waited in line.  I was so glad that he was confident enough to wait by himself.  We got a quick picture and left for home.  Jaden is also very social and our bike rides and walks take way too long because he stops and talks to everyone.  Yesterday his bike riding days ended when I caught him not using cross walks. 

Landon started his 2nd year of preschool on Thursday.  I'm amazed at the difference a year makes.  He hopped right on his bus and was excited to tell me about all the new kids in his class when he got home.  He even remembered that last year I'd pick him up from school on Thursdays and asked me why I hadn't picked him up.  I'm really praying that this year gets him completely prepared to be a kindergartner next year. 

Fun at the Fair

Since the boys got some fun this weekend when they returned I took the boys to the fair on Labor Day while Chris stayed home with the girls. 

This year I actually got the boys to look at the exhibits and not just ride the rides.  The boys took a big interest in our garden and were most amazed at the award winning pumpkins and veggies.  Ours didn't come close in size.

They loved the rides and picking out special treats and feeding the animals.

Jadens favorite booth was "play n' trade" where he played the dance game.  He was fun to watch.   I have a video I can't get to upload that I will hopefully put up shortly!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have an oil for that....

First of all, I've started using doTERRA.  I was definately a sceptic but we've had a fun month using the oils (I have used them infrequently this past year) and learning all the things they can be used for.

Jaden has been all on board with this (I've been surprised) and anytime he has any type of ailment he asks me to get an oil to fix it:):):).

For the past couple of days Jaden has been a stinker and has displayed some less then positive behavior.  As a result he's tried to rebel at even the littlest things and while we were at Walmart last night I wouldn't get him anything and I bought the girls a new swing for the swing set (we only had one).  Shame on me for buying something for the girls. 

When we got to the car he took my oil keychain (has 8 small vials of oils) and wouldn't give it back. I decided my best defense was to ignore him.  After I started smelling oils I still kept my mouth shut.   When we got home Jaden told me he had opened two of the oils.  I responded, I hope you didn't mix them, it'd create a chemical reaction.  Terror filled his eyes.  Mom, I mixed the peppermint and on guard together.  I told him I had hoped he was wrong because it creates a delayed reaction and that his arms could fall off.

As the evening progressed I had forgotten about our conversation.  We got ready for the first day of school, blessings, outfits, prayers, ect!  At 9:30pm Jaden came down (I thought he was anxious about school.)  He then told Chris and I that we needed to say a prayer so his arms wouldn't fall off.

I felt so bad...well maybe only a little.  He deserved to be a little scared.  He quickly giggled with me when he realized I had been teasing him AGAIN!

Boys Weekend!!!!!

Cousin Ella's baptism was this last weekend and we decided it'd be a good time for the boy to do a weekend all by themselves without us girls!  It may have tipped them scales at the thought of another hotel room with the twins and the lack of naps they get when we go on trips.

The boys filled their weekend with 7 peaks, trafalga, this is the place, sugarhouse park, and the baptism of course.  They packed in a lot of fun in two days!!!!

The girls and I spent the weekend cooking meals for the entire month.  I have to say it was absolutely NO fun and I doubt I'll do it again.  While I'm excited to have my freezer full of meals for the entire month, it was crazy trying to do with the twins at my feet....and the MESS it created, I'll have nightmares about it for awhile:):):).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yesterday I could hear the girls giggling in their bedroom.  This was a breath of fresh air since lately they want what the other one has.  As I peaked in I tried to capture their giggles! 

Oh the FUN!!!

On Saturday the boys participated in a fun RUN!!!!

Landon ran the 1/2 mile.  We decided to let him run it by himself and he did awesome for the first 1/4 mile.  He ran fast and with purpose and then he lost steam...that's when I joined in and encouraged him the rest of the way.

Jaden ran the mile...he claimed it was 3 miles!!!  He took off with a lot of power but quickly got distracted.  We saw him find different friends along the one point I saw him running, come to an abrupt stop and run 100 yards backwards to run with a girl.  Then he lost interest in her and found a rope to play with.  He was a very distracted boy and exclaimed "I'm not coming in last so I don't care.".  I don't think professional running is in his future.

Later that afternoon we went to an awesome neighborhood party.  My lack of pictures doesn't do justice to the work that was put into it and the fun everyone had.

In the background you can see 1 of the 2 big water slides!!!!  The boys loved it!

The tents full of yummy food...there was also a bouncy house and lots of games!  If the girls hadn't kept me so busy I would have taken a lot more pictures!

Friday, August 24, 2012


I really should be having Chris write this post because this was his moment but in an effort to document it....I'll do my best!!!!

This past weekend Chris ran the Grand Teton Relay with a total of 14 people, 1 being my sister, 1 being my brother, 1 being my brother-in-law, and 1 being one of my really good friends (of whom I stole most of these pictures). 

If you aren't familiar with how these relay teams work it's a total of 14 people running 180 miles over the tetons over the course of about 24 hours. 

Chris was in van 1 and they began their journey in Ashton. Chris has never even ran a half marathon so this was a new adventure for I hope at sometime in the future I have a desire to join him on (currently I don't even want to take up running). 

Here's some pictures of his journey over the tetons.  He ran about 16 miles total!

Their car- there were two cars total!!!!

Chris finishing his last leg...he said he was beat!

All finished!

passing the bracelet

the finish line

Van 1- they were team rat race, that explains their costumes:)

and a week later (today) Chris went into the doctor to check his swollen foot and low and behold he has a stress fracture and gets to sport a boot for the next little while!

I know he enjoyed the experience (minus the brake) and I would imagine he'll do it next year.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Utah Trip

Last week we had a reunion in Utah so we thought it would be fun to spend some extra time there.

On Saturday was our Hendricks family reunion.  We met at a park for dinner and the kids had a blast sliding on the big blowup water slide.

My cousin got home from his mission so we went to his homecoming on Sunday!  We enjoyed a yummy dinner and then afterwards headed to our hotel.  It's funny but probably one of the favorite things of our trip was hanging out in the courtyard playing basketball and barbequing our dinner that night.  It was a nice evening and very relaxing!

On Monday we hit 7 peaks.  I think our 4 young children definately exhaust us and we were definately ready to go.  It is fun to see how much fun the kids have though.

We headed back to our hotel so the girls could take a nap.  After the nap we headed to Trafalga.

Chris took the girls on some errands during part of the time we were at trafalga and I had so much fun with the boys.  I need to do more things with them without the girls. 

On Tuesday we let the boys swim at the hotel for a couple of hours and grabbed lunch in layton.  Overall a successful trip!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Identical Twins

As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions about the girls.  I think they are easy to tell apart and sometimes even doubt they are identical but almost everyone else (including Jaden and Landon and sometimes chris) don't know who is who!

It's very apparent that being identical doesn't mean they have identical spirits because they are so different.  Beside the weight difference I can immediately tell who is who based on facial expressions.  I like that I now can look at a picture of them and immediately know who is who.  When they were little babies it was a little harder and I tried hard to label them for the future.

This evening we were at Sams Club and two adult girls came over and said pointing to Alisha "she's the older one."  I was a little surprised because everyone things because Eli is bigger, she's the oldest one.  As I looked at the girls I realized they were identical.  The pointed out that Alisha's head was a little longer and that baby a will have a longer head and baby b a wider head.  That's how their mom could tell them apart.  I'm not sure if it's a proven fact but it helped them to determine which of my girls was older:):):). 

These girls wear me out but they are a hoot!!!

Alisha (left) is usually more chill and her eyes aren't usually open all the way.  Her smile is more gentle.  Eli (right) keeps her headbands in and is very animated.  She's loud and like attention!

You'll also usually find something around Alisha's neck...not safe, I know!  She finds anything she can and her favorite is her brothers medals from a race. 

Cousin Kaleb while he was visiting.  He was holding two tired babies!

And take a guess who this is with this big grin!!!  And she kept her pony tail in, another clue!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Powell Family Reunion

Oh what fun it is to play with family!

My parents planned an amazing reunion for me and my siblings and our children.

We began our fun in Jackson hole at a fun park that had climbing walls.  We had subway for lunch and the kids had a blast.

Then we headed to the Alpine Slides.  The hill was too steep for all the babies to play on so I took them to the hotel room to play so I missed everyone coming down.  Jaden couldn't figure out the speed stick (he was just old enough to go by himself) so he went extremely slow down the hill. Everyone thought he was scared...he was so frustrated that he couldn't get it to go faster.  Landon went with Jeff and was in heaven.  After that they all went and played minature golf.

after the fun on the hill everyone went for a swim.  The kids had a lot of fun.  Jeff threw Eli up in the air over and over because she loved it so much!
Afterwards we headed back to the park to eat dinner.  Then we drove to Rexburg for Fireworks and Smores.

Oh how tired we were when we got home and stinky too....I do not like the smell of fire!

Early the next morning we woke up and headed back to Rexburg because my parents rented out Fat Cats!  My boys were in heaven...especially when they could do anything they wanted.  They bowled, minature golfed, and played all the games. 

Then we went and ate at Pizza Pie Cafe.  We stuffed our faces with unlimited pizza and pasta!

then to work off all the calories they did a little swimming and playing at grandma and grandpas.

Later that night we all got babysitters so we could go out with just the adults.  It was so nice and yummy!

we were sad for it to end because we had so much fun!