Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day!

To celebrate earth day we took the kids to the zoo! They had some fun learning vendors & the kids got to check out all the animals.

Landon is starting to crack me up & he was so fun to follow around as he explored everything. His last zoo experience was in my arms the whole time so it's definately a different world when you are exploring it yourself.

Hopefully everyone learned something new to introduce into their homes to be a little greener. I gathered some ideas that will work for our family! I didn't do it intentially but this last week I MADE a big effort to purchase food I knew we were going to eat & make smaller portions so that we wouldn't be wasteful. SUCCESS!!! I've always had good intentions to do just this but last week it really came together into very healthy meals that were eaten by all. There was some majoring cheer leading on my part when it came to a casserole with green beans but the boys did it and I got some major exercise jumping up & down...this is no joke, I cheered & jumped up & down with every bite they took. It worked!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This was a vacation long over due and one we almost didn't take because of the dealership. It was fun & I'm glad we got away.
Our week of fun started in Seattle. Oh how we've missed a BIG city. We chose a hotel in the middle of down town since we really don't live close to any big city & we wanted to be able to walk everywhere...and that we did! The space needle, park place market, rides, lots of different vendors, yummy food...we did it all!

We decided to also take the kids on a little cruise. We got to see the city from that water & that was really fun and beautiful. We also saw sea lions.

After Seattle we headed to Yakima to see all our friends and of course Chris's mom. I was a horrible picture taker while we were there because we were here, there, & everywhere & saw so many different people. It was so good to see all of you! We miss you all so much!!! My heart is aching right now thinking about you everyone we got to see:)

While we were there our kids got to play with this awesome water rocket at our friends the Gallegos. They thought it was the greatest thing ever! I think this will be an investment we make in the near future:) The boys couldn't get enough of it.

Thank you Carlson's for your fabulous hospitality! Your new home was beautiful & it was so fun to see you guys.
On the way home we spent the night in Boise. The boys LOVE hotels! We stay at them frequently because Chris travels & we try to visit him often. At this hotel, they had a family suite (we love those, I highly suggest choosing your hotel based on this option) so the boys had their own area & got their own beds. They love to swim too! Can you tell how much they love it?
Before we headed home we had to go to Chuck e Cheese. Jaden was begging to go & we didn't want to squeeze it into our Washington fun. It was a fun way to end the vacation. Hopefully we get to go on another one soon!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Handsome Lil' Guys!

The boys got to wear their easter outfits today & I think they are just the handsomest boys!

To top it off they were great at Church! Landon didn't do the nursery thing by himself BUT he improved.

Landon is so cute in sacrament meeting. He sings his little heart out & depending on who we are sitting by I let him do it. He grabs his own him books & belts it. If you see me laughing in sacrament meeting, that is probably why. It's pretty entertaining.

Jaden woke up with a smile & it never left his face. Thanks bud....when you are happy, you are truely the best kid ever!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is some very Special individuals Birthdays!!!!

So a shout out to my niece Gracie. The little daughter that I never had.....

may you always come over to my house and fill it with lots of energy & entertainment & be a best little friend to Jaden.

And my to my fence sharing neighbor Jen who has been a great friend & only a fence away when I need to borrow eggs:) I'm glad we got to do late night ice cream with lots of friends to celebrate!!! Let's do it again tomorrow:):):)

That beautiful light across the picture would be my flash in the reflection of the window.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It was definately a different feeling to have conference on Easter Weekend. When the boys woke up we wanted to make sure they understood the real meaning of easter. This past week I kept explaining to Jaden why we celebrate Easter & while the Easter bunny is fun, it's not the reason! This morning we had him tell us why we celebrate Easter.

After we took a moment to reflect we let the boys search for their baskets which were hidden in our house since there is snow on the ground. Landon wandered around aimlessly doing his own thing but Jaden was on the HUNT! The boys were greeted with personalized suit cases, easter outfits, sun glasses, hats, & misc. toys. It was fun to see the smiles on their faces.

I'd love to say I was able to listen to every minute of conference but it wouldn't be true. The BOYS were little stinkers and fought and had many needs the entire time. The overall message I kept hearing was the importance of setting examples for our children, being a good mother, & so many examples were shared how to do this. definately made me feel like I have a lot of work to do. I realize the importance of the role that I play in the home & I know I need to do better. Although they are monsters sometimes I LOVE them lots!!! The other message I picked up on (I think sometimes we pick up on those things that we need to hear) was to toughen up. Times are hard, be prepared with a good foundation to be able to withstand the trials in our lives because we will have them.

After conference we enjoyed Easter Dinner at my grandma's. It's tradition to enjoy a yummy bunny cake that my Aunt makes and the kids ran around with their 2nd cousins. Jaden enjoyed throwing snow too...snow on Easter should not be! Afterwards we went over to my mom & dad's for another Easter Hunt! My kids are on sugar overload.

Today I'm grateful.....this was a hard week. Some unexpected things happened that caused me great frustration & anxiety. I'm grateful for our savior and the knowledge that I have of him.

Hopefully everyone had a spirtually filled day with family & lots of love!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Snow Filled Easter Egg Hunt

It snowed last night but we didn't let it stop us from taking the boys to an easter egg hunt. The plus side to such weather results in less people & more goods for the boys:) When I looked at the snowy ground littered with colored eggs it totally looked like a sugar cookie with lots of frosting & sprinkles.

Landon got to meet the Easter Bunny & Jaden got to do the hunt. Jadens basket got so full that the eggs were falling out so we hollered at him to come & grab Landons basket (parents can't enter the hunt area.) Finally Jaden heard us only after almost all the eggs were were almost all gone. He was so cute & said "mom, I'm sorry I didn't get more eggs for Landon." What a great big brother! Despite the fact that it should have been warmer, it was a fun easter egg hunt.

This morning as I was making the boys pancakes I decided that I need to share the pancake recipe (it's actually a waffle recipes but I use it for pancakes) that I use. I'm doing weight watchers & thought I'd calculate the points & there's only 1 per pancake if you do 12 pancakes. The other beauty of this recipe is that you don't have to grind the wheat first, just let it soak overnight & mix together in your blender. Here's the link! if you kids struggle with eating their veggies throw a couple of carrots in the blender too. My kids love these pancakes & you really do feel good after you eat them. Top with sugar-free syrup or fruit. A perfect breakfast.