Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have a secret....

but I'm not ready to share it yet.  I'm dying to share it but I can't just yet.  So stay tuned!  I hope to be able to share it by the end of next week but it may take a little longer.

This is a good secret, an exciting secret!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Green Day

It seems like one holiday is over and the other one is the next day.  Thus...I've struggled to do much for each one.

We've always done a green party with Jaden's friends.  See here, here, and here to see our celebrations of the past!!!  This year we talked about it and talked about it but I just couldn't bring myself to put the party together.  Jaden's friend list kept changing and getting longer and I realized I was overwhelmed.

So we literally flew by the seat of our pants that day.  We woke up to green  muffins and kiwi (an easy tradition I'll keep).  Later on we headed to Old Navy for a leprechaun search.  While the kids were in our car at home I ran into the backyard and scattered chocolate gold coins all over for later and let them invite Gracie and Easton over.  My plan was to tell them that I heard something in the backyard and that when I went to check I scared a leprechaun and he dropped all his gold.  When Gracie and Easton arrived I was busying chit chatting and didn't notice all the kids head into the backyard.  A few minutes later the all came in holding hand fulls of gold coins...they were so excited!  Trying to come up with an explanation I informed them I had heard a leprechaun back there and had forgotten about it but that they must have scared it when the went in the backyard.  They continued the theme through out the rest of day trying to create traps to trap a leprechaun. 

The kids were happy, despite not having a green party, and it wasn't too crazy of a day. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Landon

For a week I've had to keep reminding myself that I needed to get this down before I forgot.

Landon can be a sweetie and when he lets his guard down just a little bit (no matter how well he knows you he's always a little shy) most adults are in love with him.  Disclaimer...at home Landon is completely comfortable and acts like a typical 4 year old, mostly to his brother Jaden. 

When he went into Sunbeams his teacher was a little worried she admitted to us a month later.  She knew Jaden and knew that he could be a handful and there were a lot of little sunbeams so she thought'd she'd need more help.  She was completely surprised when she got to know Landon and said he's the best little one in the class and is just now getting around to feeling comfortable talking in class.  You can tell she just loves him.

Landon goes to preschool 4 days a week and for the most part loves going.  Last week was parent teacher conference so I got to meet with his teacher to see how he was doing.  So far....she likes what he's doing and said he's gotten comfortable with everyone.  He doesn't like using the bathroom (the automatic flush scares him) so they cover it with a piece of paper.  Next year we'll really have a good idea if he'll be ready for kindergarten since that is one of my biggest worries.  But again, you can tell she absolutely adores him and I don't think she wanted to say anything bad or less then positive about him.

But that wasn't what touched my heart.  She shared some of the things that he does in class.  Landon has a little blind girl in his class named Ariana.  Ariana needs help to get around the classroom, go down the hall for different activities, ect.  She told me that at least every other day Landon comes and ask her if he can help Ariana.  I can only imagine how much courage this takes for my little shy guy.  She said its so cute to watch him because he's so embarrassed that he looks to the side and often runs the two of them into a table.  I know that Landon has an amazing heart and there's a reason he has these struggles.

I love this little guy and this picture is an accurate depiction of my efforts to take pictures of him...he's too shy!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Landons Pics

For Landons Birthday he got a camera and he's been very picture happy ever since.  Today he brought me his camera because it wasn't working and I realized it was because he'd taken so many pictures and videos that there was no more space.  I've been going through everything and these are the very few that aren't too blurry to see.  I can tell Jaden helped in these adventures.

Note...Landon doesn't like clothes so he's without clothes in many of these pictures.  I can also see he took his camera on car rides and even to the gym daycare.

Date Night

Last Tuesday night right before going to Caucus I realized I missed Jaden so much!  It was an odd feeling since I see him everyday but I never spend one-on-one time with him.  There's always someone else around.  At that point I tried to convince him he wanted to go to caucus with me.  He wasn't convinced it was a good idea...neither was I for that matter but I wanted to spend some time with him.

So while I was at caucus for hours I decided I was going to take him on a date.  We never do that.

So for the remainder of the week I told him we were going to go on a date, just him and me, and he was so excited.  I kept trying to think of brilliant ideas of things I could take him to do but realized there really isn't much here in our little town.  I do have some fun ideas when it warms up a little but I figured we needed to find indoor entertainment.  I decided that he'd never been rock climbing so I found one of two locations in Idaho Falls to go. 

As he got high he would get nervous and come down but he had a lot of fun and we paid for several climbs so he could keep going.  They had an arcade there too so we couldn't escape playing a few games (not my favorite part of the night.)

As we left the parking lot I asked him where he wanted to go to for dinner.  He said he wanted to go to Denny's and that he wanted us to share a dessert.  So off we went.  He was so funny as he talked to the waiter all grown up.  I think he really enjoyed a night out without the distractions of the others.  For dessert he picked Oreo Cream Pie.  I think when he said he wanted to share it that he meant he wanted it all to himself....he was sweet enough to save the last bite for me:) 
I think another date night is in order soon.

Last week was also parent teacher conference.  I feel like I know Jaden's skills pretty well so I'm not ever really caught off guard....it also helped when I worked in the classroom. 

Jaden is such a smart kid.  He has so many things he loves about school and so many things that he doesn't love.  Those things that he loves he does awesome at.  He did well enough to get all 3's but he has a couple of S (satisfactory) marks instead of E (excellent) on neatness.  He doesn't enjoy writing and his work reflects that.

As punishment when he says a bad word I make him write the word over and over and over.  Yesterday he used the word "stupid" over and over so he got up to having to write it 220 times.  As a compromise we knocked it down to 30 if he'd go clean out the van.  I hope this doesn't backfire and embed the bad word into his brain but I know how much he hates to write so I'm hoping that it'll teach him not to say it.  When he starts to learn swear words I'll probably have to come up with a different plan:)

They also are starting to write stories in class.  They draw their web with the main idea and then branch off different ideas they want in the story.  They write it and then they've been going to the computer lab to type it.  Here's one of Jaden's stories his teacher shared with me.

When I read his story I got a little worried because Max died last fall and I was worried he some how forgot.  After we left I said "Jaden, you do know Max is no longer alive, right?" He replied "yep" like it was no big deal.
I'm glad that he enjoys school so much and has a great teacher that has high expectations for her students but does it in a kind of loving way. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jadens Shadow

I feel bad for poor Jaden because he has a shadow.  Unfortunately for him, it's me. 

Jaden's friends have a lot more independence then he does and can kind of come and go as they please.  I'm not ready to give Jaden that much freedom so our whole little family often tags along.

Today Jaden hopped in the car after school and told me he needed to meet his friends Austin at the School playground at 3:30pm.  It was a beautiful day and I thought it'd be fun for everyone to go to the playground but it was right in the middle of the girls nap.  It being early out day I figured if I could get the girls to sleep early they could get a really good nap in.  After an hour they FINALLY fell asleep. 

I told Jaden I was so sorry but we weren't going to be able to go at 3:30 but maybe 4 or 4:30pm.  He must have jinxed the girls because they woke up at 3:15pm and wouldn't go back to sleep.  So we rushed to get everything together to go.

Jaden rode his bike and we followed him in the car.  As he rode he picked up friends a long the way and at one point 4 kids were following him.  By the time we got to the school he was down to 1 friend. 

Since it was so nice I decided that I'd let the girls go in their walkers.  They had so much fun...they really have never been outside unless it was to go in and out of somewhere so they were grinning from ear-to-ear. 

Then I learned something new about Jaden...he's started taking an interest in dance.  His buddy Shawn is an awesome break-dancer and has some awesome moves but Jaden is a little rough around the edges.  As they did their routines for me I had to supress some giggles. They had me shoot video (I'll upload later, my internet is being slow) of their routines. Poor Jaden! It was very entertaining.

After they were done a few more friends showed up. Jaden was so excited when he saw that his friend Jon had the same bike that he did. Then eventually they all wanted to go to Jon's house and I wouldn't let him go....the moms have to call me. I felt so bad as we followed him home in the car while he was on his bike. I'm probably the most uncool mom ever!

Here's the videos!

Monday, March 5, 2012

10 months

I can't believe how fast time goes and it scares me that I won't have babies in only a short amount of time.

I think my expectations of twins and how it works has flipped on it's head these past few months.  When they were smaller it really wasn't nearly as much work as I thought it'd be. 

For the first 4 months the girls slept a lot and were so sweet.  After that they didn't sleep much (still don't, 1 nap a day) but they were pretty content.  They also were so soothing and sweet to each other and I really think that one reason they were so content was because they had each other.

Fast forward to now.  They keep passing little colds, eye infections, and small fevers back and forth to each other.  Not enough that there ever SUPER sick but enough that there almost always a little cranky and wake up a lot at night with stuffy noses. 

On top of that they now notice when I'm holding the other one and jealousy is starting to form.  They also have turned each other into bolder to climb over so they are always on top of each other and the one on the bottom usually isnt' very happy.  In the exploring they poke eyes, pull hair, bite, and inflict pain on one another. 

This all switches when we are in public.  They love attention.  They beam, coo, smile, and I always here "they are the best babies."  Even the daycare at the gym states it every time and when they are cranky (happens maybe once a month) they think there is something seriously wrong with them.  I just smile and agree but inside am screaming "these little girls are scammers."  I thought when they were born we wouldn't be able to go out for the first year BUT I have no choice.  Not only do we have a very busy little family but the girls are cranky if we don't.  I'm so grateful our winter has been mild because it could be so much harder to take them out.

So yes....I'm oddly more scatterbrained now then I was at the beginning and I thought'd it'd be the other way around:)

Despite all this we love these little girls.  Landon has really turned into a big helper and he loves to play with them.  I often notice the girls around Landon and assumed they'd congregrate to him until the other night I was getting them ready for bed and I saw Landon drag one away (by here feet) and shut the door so I couldn't get her.  He did not want me to put them to bed and wanted them to stay up to play with him.  I'm so grateful that Landon has embraced these little girls with love from day one.  I thought for sure he'd resent them and be angry but I've never once sensed any of that from him. 

Alisha is getting hyper which is funny since she's always been more mellow and content.  She loves me to hug her.  She loves to stand and is strong but not daring and I think were a ways off before she attempts to walk.

Eli on the other hand wants to walk and is so wobbly that I don't think that skill will come for a while.  She also is pulling up on things and has no fear. I keep finding her in the "plank" position and can never get my camera quick enough.  It's so funny that she can lift her body up like that but struggles to hold her own weight on her legs to stand.  I'm often confused by what they can and can't do.  Both of their grasping skills are getting really good.

I hear them say "ma" a lot and I'm pretty sure they are referring to me.  I hear them say "ba" and other things.

They love bathtime too and I used to love it too when they'd lay on their backs.  Now they are all over each other or insist on sitting up, which scares me because I'm worried they'll hit their head if they slip. 

So in a nutshell....our life is a little busy right now!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What should have been.....

This is what should have been....
but it couldn't have been further from the truth.

On Monday I got a phone call from someone I haven't talked to in about 3 years.  She thought to call me because she'd seen me at a Rally for Risch that Romney attended 3 years ago.  She knew I'd love to know that Mitt Romney was coming to town.

I was one of the firsts to know.  I was excited to spread my new found information but quickly everyone began telling me I was wrong and that it was his son.  So....getting a little worried I had spread a rumor I called back the number she'd called me from and her husband answered and informed me that she wasn't available.  I then dived into the reason I was calling and that I may have spread a rumor.  He answered "well you will be the first to know that I just got off the phone with the secret service and we've confirmed the arrival for Thursday at 12:30pm."

Excitement!  I knew I wanted to take the girls. I thought I'd dress them up and of course I'd be pulled aside for a photo op with him holding them...how could they resist?

So now to reality!  Only yesterday was the information publicized in the paper.  I really thought that no one knew and I thought 30 minutes early would be PLENTY of time.  It couldn't have been further from the truth.

They held the rally in a high school gym.  Jenna and I and babies parked about 6 blocks away and quickly began running and pushing strollers and half way there a girl was running back with a baby in her arms and a purse yelling to everyone "no purses".  So I began attempt to push two strollers while Jenna ran back purses and diaper bags.  The nicest couple then began assisting me with the journey of three babies to the end of a BIG line. 

By big....it was endless but we held out hope.  And even when they told us the gym was full and they were opening up the other gym we had hope.  And then our hope died out when the 2nd gym became full.  This is a picture of the line after both gyms were full!
so we pulled the car up close and listened over the speakers.  Harper and Eli were just chillin in their carseats...

But Alisha was done.  She got to sit on my lap while we listened over the speakers. 

As we saw it end we were quickly able to escape before the masses came out.

And home we came and took a picture of three tired little girls.  Alisha by this point had lost her special "R" headband.