Monday, March 25, 2013


4 years ago I started a tradition of a green party with Jadens friends for St. Patricks Day. I've really tried to end this tradition and he just wouldn't have it this year. We literally invited friends over the day before and threw the party together the hour before. In fact, I planned absolutely no entertainment. I told Jaden that was his job.
The kids had a blast.  I was amazed at the creativity they had in entertaining themselves for 2 hours.  They tried to get green cucumber into their mouths from the forehead without using their hands.  They played leprachuan, laprachaun, gold (aka duck, duck, goose).  They hunted for treasures (they each took a turn hiding treasure candies through the house.  They played Gold (tag).  I think that is probably the most giggling I've heard at a party.  I think kids planning the entertainment will be in every future party's agenda.:)

On St. Patricks day we hid chocolate gold coins through the house for the boys to find.  Jaden built about 5 traps and blamed EVERY mishap of the day on the leprachan.  For breakfast they had green pancakes and monster smoothies. the morning my kids look like Orphans.  Not one of them likes pajamas and by morning aren't sporting anything but their underwear/or diapers.

Later in the day we enjoyed Green Chips and dip! 

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