Sunday, April 14, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter!!!

We have always kept up the tradition of the Easter Egg hunt at tautphaus park.  It became a little difficult this year since the girls could participate so I went with the girls to their age group, Chris took Landon and Jaden was ALL on his own.  The girls were a little timid and needed a little help from me. We all met together to go through the goods and that is when the girls realized how great it was.  The boys did awesome too!

 During the girls nap the Chris took the boys for some fun so I could hid their baskets.  We do baskets on Sunday to try to keep Sunday more in line with why we really celebrate Easter.  Thankfully the boys love this Saturday tradition.  We only hid the boys baskets.  We also got a family fire pit.
On Sunday morning the kids dresses in their Easter Best!  They weren't the best at allowing me to take their pictures....little stinks!
 After Church we got to enjoy a lovely dinner at my grandmas.  The boys loved spending time outside and only came in to grab a quick bite and hunt for their bag from grandma.  The girls loved the attention they were getting and were a hoot.  They danced, ran, played, gave hugs, were so much fun!
A very successfuly Easter!!!!

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