Sunday, March 10, 2013

kids n' snow

We were getting a little stir crazy at our house and needed a little getaway so off we went to the kids n' snow event in West Yellowstone.   They had so many fun activities for the kids and we had a whirlwind weekend full of lots of fun....and exhaustion.

We went to the Imax Theatre and watched "Yellowstone.".  The kids enjoyed yummy ice cream cones and popcorn.

For dinner we went to the Gusher.  The girls went without a nap and were complete terrors...we ended up taking it to-go.

They had so many fun activities for the kids.  They had mini- snow mobiles.  Landon even drove one all by himself.  They loved it.  They also had sledding, ice skating, and smores.  I pulled the girls around in a sled as we went to the different activities.

We stayed at a hotel that had a waterslide. The girls came and played for a little while and then kicked and screamed their way back to the room.  Landon wouldn't go down the slide for the first hour, he just sat at the top.  After a shove from Jaden he realized it was a blast and went on it over and over and over.  They loved it.

While we were there we also went on a mini-snow coach ride into Yellowstone Park.  The girls enjoyed the 1st hour and then it was a nightmare.  A poor nights sleep plus no nap make for some very unhappy girls.  We were glad for that ride to be over. 

Chris and I were completely beat when we got home.  We may need a long rest before we do another mini-vacay with the kids.:)

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