Sunday, March 3, 2013


The boys both played soccer over these last couple of months...Jaden has about one more month to go.

Jaden had begged for months to play so we finally got him signed up and decided Landon needed to be out of his comfort zone and we signed him up too. 

Landon was amazing.  I would never had guessed how well he'd do.  He wasn't nervous and got out there and kicked the ball.  I couldn't believe how confident he was and how excited he was to play.  We may sign him up for another session.

I somehow signed Jaden up for a 10 year old team and they had to throw him on a team that had a cancellation at the last minute.  At his very first game Chris was out of town and I had to take the kids all by myself and it was completely crazy and I couldn't catch any of the game.  Towards the end I saw my brother walk towards me...I had now idea our sons were playing each other.  I didn't even know my nephew was playing soccer.  After the game ended I got the treat list and was looking at it in the car and saw all hispanic names.  I was so confused so I texted my brother and told him I thought Jaden was playing on the hispanic team.  He responded "you didn't notice that".  When Jaden heard me say something about it he said "I'm on the red team".  I love that he doesn't see anyone as different then him and their team is really good.

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