Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Break

Our Spring Break Consisted of....

-bannock city...AWESOME!!!
-the town we were staying in on our first night was on lock down because of a shooter in town.  We couldn't get to our hotel because GPS wanted us to drive right into the middle of the part of town shut down from the said shooter.
-finally after driving around and around we arrived at our hotel only to find out that their waterslide was closed for repairs. 
-decided we HAD to have a hotel with a pool we drove around again and finally found a place to stay.
-woke up and swam while Chris worked.
-left my camera at the more pictures.

-loved these flotation devices for the girls.
-left Butte and went to Bozeman. 
-decided we'd have to settle for staying at the Ramada because they had a waterslide and we promised the kids.
-happily suprised that the Ramada had a family suite and had recently been renovated.
-Chris worked, kids and I swam.  Boys loved the slide.  The girls loved swimming.
-met another family with twins girls only a few months older then our girls.  All the kids hung out.
-there isn't any good eating places in bozeman.  After driving around for an hour ended up at McDonalds...yuck!
-next morning was more swimming while Chris worked. 
-headed to Driggs to a condo we rented.
-long drive...yucky weather...stop for ice cream....blowout....changing diaper on the side of the road using snow to help clean up the mess
-arrive in Driggs at our condo.  Relieved to finally have 2 bedrooms...beautiful condo up the mountains.
-bedtime.  Another terrible night of sleep by the girls
-next morning plan to head to Jackson Hole to go swimming a their indoor waterpark.  Closed for repairs...hmmm... bad luck
-while Chris works in Jackson the kids and I head to the candy story.  Little hands everywhere.
-go to the park while it's pouring rain.
-pick up Chris and go back to Driggs.
-Chris works, kids and I play at the park.
-the boys LOVE watching TV since we only have netflix at home.  They don't want to go anywhere.
-next day owe the kids a swimming day.  Go to green canyon.
-more TV...boys are addicted.
-Saturday morning head home while listening to conference.
-Two VERY tired parents from twins sleeping terribly the entire trip.
-would we repeat...NOPE!!!!  Definately need to enjoy a warm vacation next spring break:):):)

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