Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Blog

For awhile now I've contemplated the direction to go with my blog. 

First of all, about 6 months ago I deleted the email account I originally set this account up with and didn't realize it would change ALL of my admin abilities.  Thankfully I had setup my new email account as a user and have been able to post from it, I just haven't been able to change any setting or APPROVE comments.  I would recieve the comments to my email but couldn't approve and post them so no, I haven't been ignoring anyone.  I've really felt like my hands have been tied.

I've thought about not blogging at all.  I've thought about going private (an option not available because of my whole admin issue).  For now I thought it was best to create a new blog and be able to update pictures and take control back.

So join me on my new blog:)


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